Tuesday, 27 August 2013

God didn't give me thick hair, John Frieda did

Big hair, how I covet thee. I can’t tell you how much money and how many products I’ve wasted in my quest for bigger, better hair and the only thing that’s really worked for me has been John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse. It gives body, volume and a great lift at the roots. But can the rest of the Lux. Volume line cut it?
Luxurious Volume Shampoo £5.99/250ml
I’ve used this before (when the packaging was light blue) but stopped because it was a little harsh. It gave good volume but it tangled my fine tresses so much, even the tangle teezer couldn’t get through.  So I was intrigued to see if the formula had changed with the packaging. This new version gives a real deep clean without stripping. The light weight formula works up a good lather without tangling and gives good body.
Luxurious Volume Conditioner £5.99/250ml
The jewel in the crown – the best “volume” conditioner by far. See this one achieves what most others cannot – conditions AND gives volume. A rich, creamy, luxurious conditioner that instantly strengthens and detangles but at the same time it doesn’t flatten or soften the hair too much. I don’t apply to the roots – mid to ends only, leave for a few seconds then rinse.
Luxurious Volume fine to full blow out spray £6.99/125ml
This light spritz smells lovely and can be sprayed all over damp hair before blow drying. After spraying all over it left my hair feeling a little fuller but it didn’t give me any volume at the roots. Great for natural all-over strength and thickness, but not the va va voom volume I was hoping for.
Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster £5.99/125ml
Now you’re talking! Again it can be srayed all over damp hair, paying particular attention to the roots. The completely light-wight, non-sticky formula thickens and lifts from the roots. I could see and feel the results immediately. Make sure you really get into the under sections and tip your head upside down whilst drying – I guarantee some serious lift. I used this together with the mousse (moouse all over, this on the roots) and oh my fat hair!
Dry Shampoo Volume Refresh £5.99/150ml
First of all, this isn’t a dry shampoo in the traditional sense. If your hair’s greasy this won’t rescue you. It’s more of a volumising texture spray – and I love it. Spray it all over – root to tip, mess it up and voila – texture and volume. Great just after your blow dry for that messy/textured look or any time you need a refresher. In fact, it's going straight in my handbag.

Results: Using Moouse and Root Booster (excuse the poorly lit iphone pic)

Luxurious Volume really sums up this range. It gives good volume and at the same time feels luxurious and salon quality. I wouldn’t bother with the fine to full blow out spray but the rest get a big thumbs up from me. If it works on my flat, fine hair, it should work for anyone. See the range online at Boots here and Feel Unique here.

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