Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Sparkle til Morning Palette

I guess this post is more for you American ladies (Happy 4th July y'all) since Wet n Wild isn't readily available in the UK... tragic I know. 

Wet n Wild eye shadows are so good, if they did sell them in the UK, I doubt I'd EVER buy another eye shadow ever again. Bold statement I know, but they're THAT good. Sparkle til Morning is a gorgeous palette of 8 mixed WnW shades. Some are shimmery, some are satiny, some frost and some matte BUT all are soft, buttery, ultra pigmented and great quality! 

Sadly the shades don't have individual names, so starting top left...

Browbone (left) is a creamy yellow/gold highlighter with suitible shimmer. Unsurprisingly it's great on the browbone.

Browbone (right) is a frosted champagne pinky beige and one of my absolute favourites in the palette. It blends beautifully with a frosted metallic finish. It's great on the brow bone, centre of the lid, inner corner of the eye... anywhere really!

Eyelid (left) a soft copper with subtle frost finish. It's not the most pigmented of the set but it's just as soft and long lasting.

Eyelid (right) a gold copper with frosted and slightly sparkly finish.

Crease (left) a medium dark copper with a touch of terracotta and a stunning frosted finish.

Crease (right) a soft golden medium brown with a satin finish. It's a great everyday shade and works in harmony with the two eyelid shades.

Definer (left) is a blue teal with a subtle golden shimmer and a satin finish. This is the only one I haven't wore yet but it swatches beautifully.

Definer (right) a deep dark brown with a very slight burgundy shimmer. This shade is super opaque with an almost matte finish.

Gorgeous right? And if I told you these 8 piece palettes retail for $4.99 would you love them even more? Like I said Wet n Wild isn't available in the UK, save for the odd find in discount stores like poundland and Boyes. If you live in the US you'll finish these palettes and other fabulous WnW products in the likes of Walgreens and CVS, but you already know what!


  1. Happy 4 July - shame it's not available in UK :(


  2. Holy moley that is a gorgeous palette :-)

  3. you can get them on Amazon! :-)

  4. Glad you liked it! I still haven't opened mine yet! Will have to soon:)

    1. Crack it open! I love it. I love all the WnW shadows you've sent.


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