Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer Looks from Glossybox June 2013

I love this month's Glossybox. It's not often I can say that with such conviction but June's Summer Looks box is a winner. Five products, four of which are full size that I will actually use. There'll be no pass-me-ons from this box... sorry Mum.

Organic Surge Conditioner £4.99/200ml
This brand is new on me but it smells lovely and it's full size, can't wait to try.

MONU Hydrating Moisturiser £29.95/50ml
This is about the fifth Monu product Glossybox have sent me... just as well I love them. Each one has impressed so I've got high hopes for this hydrating moisturiser, plus it contains SPF 15 which is really important to me. This 30ml tube is worth £17.97.

MeMeMe Long Lasting Nail Gloss £5/12ml
You won't hear me complaining about a full size nail polish. The shade, 90 Tenacious, is a lovely creamy teal and the brush is super fat, ideal for quick application.

Figs & Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm £5/12.5ml
More than just a lip balm, it's smooth, soft, moisturising, 100% natural and tinted pink.

Helen E Eye Pencil with Smudger £8
A good, full sized eyeliner in black with a smudger, perfect!

So there we go, a really good all rounder this month - hair, nails, skincare, make up... it's all taken care of. Glossybox is a monthly subscription service costing £10 + p&p per month. Find out more here.


  1. this does look like a great box! :) you'll need to let us know how you get on , hopefully they are all as good as they sound! x

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  3. Looks good! I love mine too even though most of what I got was different, that's the beauty of Glossybox :-)

    1. Great, I'll have a look x

    2. Thank you, I love your blog btw I just subscribed :-) x

  4. My box was different but just a lovely! I blogged it and would love if you could take a look

  5. I had pretty much the same as you, only a different conditioner and monu product and a nail polish colour, I definitely think it was the best variation this month.

    Sara - Pretty In Pink


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