Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Face Form: The Ultimate Contour Kit from Sleek

Ladies prepare to drool because Sleek have done it again. Face form is the ultimate 3 in 1 contour kit with a sculpting powder, highlighter and blush or bronzer.  Available in 4 different shades – Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.
Fair and Light – contouring powder, highlighting powder, and Rose Gold Blush
Medium and Dark – contouring powder, highlighting powder, and shimmering bronzer
I went for the Medium. I’m MAC NC 30 and already have the infamous Rose Gold blush (read my review here) so that obviously ruled out the first two. In the medium kit you get...
  • Contouring powder – This flat, brown, matte powder is ideal for contouring. The powder is blendable and really easy to work with. I know it looks very dark, fear not as it needs to be significantly darker than your skin tone to create good contours – remember you’re not applying this all over your face. It’s highly pigmented so use a light hand and layer lightly. I apply with a slanted brush (currently using M&S Blusher Brush) just underneath my cheekbones to create definition, along the hairline and under the jaw line.
  • Highlighting power – Oh this highlighter is dream. A light, frosty, champagne coloured highlighter with shimmer, not glitter. It illuminates key facial features that catch the light naturally. Apply to the upper cheekbone, hollow of the chin, length of the nose, high points of the forehead etc. I do this step last AFTER contour and blush/bronzer but that's just me.
  • Shimmering bronzer – A lovely soft, shimmering blusher that reminds me of Nars’ Laguna Blush. Given that you’ve already contoured with a brown powder I tend to go lightly with the bronzer and apply to the areas of the face that naturally catch the sun – cheeks, forehead, a little dusting to the nose etc

Wearing contour powder, highlighter and bronzer
Overall I think the quality of this compact is incredible. If this was Nars or MAC it would be three times the price and I swear you wouldn’t know the difference. I do have one issue  – not sure about the whole blusher OR bronzer situation. If I’m using this kit as a complete contour/highlight package, I’m definitely missing the blush. That said, each of the three products are top quality and can all be used on their own, plus I aint short of a blush or two. Since I tracked this palette down two weeks ago I’ve barely put it down. That reminds me, there’s one more problem... Sleek have to be the worse stocked brand on the market. Stock levels are low, irregular and the range varies from shop to shop. I “found” this palette rummaging around in the stock drawers under the make up counter in Superdrug! Be careful... this is frowned upon.

This is a product I’d recommend to everyone. If you’re new to contouring it’s a great way to get started and contains everything you need (especially for fair and light skintones). It’s small, compact, great for travelling and extremely good value.  Face Form £9,99 from Superdrug, Tesco and Sleek online.


  1. This looks gorgeous on you! I really want to try one of these in fair, it looks like the perfect compact xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  2. This looks great, I must try the fair one!
    I also got in trouble once for rummaging in the stock drawers... Ooops!


    1. If they'd keep their products stocked up we wouldn't have to go rummaging, right :) x

  3. Looks fab hun I have the contour kit its great. Wish I got this one now!
    glambeautys.blogspot.co.uk x

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    1. This looks lovely! I'm deciding between getting the light or medium :) Its so pretty! x

  5. Definitely agree about Sleek being badly stocked, it always takes me weeks to find a product I'm after ..even in larger Superdrug stores and online. I have the light version of this and adore it, but that shimmering bronzer does look beautiful! xx


  6. You're so pretty, you kinda look like Nina Dobrev here! :) Thanks for this review! I've been wanting to get a Sleek Face Form palette but I didn't know which shade to pick coz I have a medium skin tone with yellow undertones, but I thought the medium contour powder looked too dark in photos.

    1. Thanks Maxinne, wasn't sure who Nina Dobrev was, but I've Google'd her and she's lovely - big thank you. Had this kit a few months now and still love it x

  7. Hi can I ask do I put foundation on first and then contour and highlight. So confused x


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