Tuesday, 9 April 2013

US Beauty Swap Haul

I'm very excited to share with you my very first US beauty swap. I've hooked up with the lovely Yessie (from Cinnamon and Zoey kisses) to share some of the best beauty goodies our country’s have to offer. Yessie and I have been friends on Instagram for a while now and after lots of mutual beauty adoration she suggested we do a swap. Here's what she sent me...


Jordana Mascara, NYX eye pencil, Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes and Maybelline Color Tattoo


eos Lip Balm, Wet n Wild Lipstick x 3, Milani Lipstick and NYX Lip Pencil

Milani Rose Hip, WnW Think Pink, Smokin Hot Pink and Dark Wine


The package arrived just before my holidays so I haven't had the chance to play with all these beauties yet but I immediately fell in love with the lipsticks.... Yessie has chosen the perfect shades for me. I took the Wet n Wild Think Pink on holiday, it's a perfect baby doll pink. The eos lip balm is really cute but my sister nabbed it. The Jordana mascara is really good too. She also sent me some nail polishes but the nasty Royal Mail confiscated them (furious, don't get me started). 

I'm really happy with my American beauties and I'm so glad we did it... I've a feeling this will be the first of many. I’ll show you what I sent Yessie... after she’s received it, don’t want to spoil the surprise. 


  1. Oooh you got some lovely things, I picked up a wet and wild palette last year and it's such good quality :-)

    1. Wet and Wild is AMAZING, I wish we had it in the UK x

  2. Those lipsticks are such pretty pink shades! I love the Dark Wine one x

    1. The lipsticks are fab. I love them all. They're amazing quality too, so wish we had Wet n Wild in the UK x

  3. Yay! Thanks for posting it and all the sweet words friend:) it looks a bit empty (I think we're both equally furious about all those nail polishes!) but I'm just glad it got to you finally! I haven't forgotten your sisters gifts! Another EOS lip balm will be coming your way soon! xx

    1. Don't worry about her, she stole the little scarf too (that's why it's not in the pictures). It's not empty either, you sent me loads. x

  4. I wanna be back to the US and get more queen helene masks, I love that stuff and god I love reese's :)


  5. Great Swap...Need to find a us Beauty blogger to swap with too!!

    Have you ever scoured Boyes?? Sometimes I find wet and wild in there...next time I find some ill let you know. xx


  6. You got some lovely things! xx


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