Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Magic Cleansing Water

This is the most excited I've been about a product for a long time! I missed the whole cleansing water craze, in fact I avoided it. I know a lot of people buzz about Bioderma H2O but I didn't expect a "water" would actually remove my make up... How wrong I was.

I tested this out in Sephora on my trip to New York. As you can imagine I'd swatched nearly every product in there on the back on my hand and was looking for something to remove it. I saw the water, thought surely that won't work but my god it magicked it all away.

It's so easy to use. Simply saturate a cotton pad then wipe away. It's so much better than using a face wipe. There's no dragging, no need to rub and one pump does the whole face. Not only does it remove all traces of make up, it leaves my skin soft and cleansed.... and that feeling lasts - there's no drying or tightening after a few minutes. It does work on eye make up but if you've got lots of mascara on, especially water proof, you'll need to use eye make up remover too.

I'm so pleased I picked up a big bottle (400ml $20/£14), I'm not sure when I'll get chance to get another. Triple Action Cleansing Water Available from Sephora stores world wide and online $6-20, unfortunately they don't ship to the UK (what's that about). If I can't get anymore when it runs out, I think I'll have to jump on the Bioderma bandwagon because I'm well sold on the cleansing water front.


  1. I'd highly recommend you to get a bottle of Bioderma Crealine/Sensibio once you run out of this product, I think it works as good as this one and is really gentle with the skin x

  2. The bioderma one is good but before you splash the cash on that please try the new loreal one its about £3 and imo is identical xxx

  3. Hi, I Leave in France and I'm a make-up, beauty addict :) I've got this product here in France. So If you want, I can send you one when your bottle will be empty ! In France, we doesn't have every product. For exemple I'm looking for Too Faced Soleil Chocolat Bronzer, but it's no longer available in France, and Too Faced is not shipping in my country ! So If you want, we can help each other, by sending product we need ?
    This is my email adress, if you want


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