Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Barry M Peach Melba

I was rummaging through my nail polishes at the weekend trying to match my nail polish to my outfit (I don’t mean literally, just something in the something that “went” ) and I discovered I didn’t own a single peach nail polish. Something I quickly remedied with Barry M’s Peach Melba.
I loved Peach Melba’s as a kid and this is exactly the shade I remembered them. It’s a pale, milky peach.  It has an opaque coverage and creamy finish. I applied three coats together with Leighton Denny’s All For One as a base and top coat. Two coats would have sufficed but I wanted to make sure they lasted a few day.... it’s been four now and they’d still going strong. It applies easily, dries quick and is a bargain at £2.99.  It’s a perfect summery pastel shade and will probably the first of many peaches in my collection.

Available in the UK from Boots and Superdrug - currently 3 for 2!


  1. Such a gorgeous colour, I think I have it in my collection but I don't think I've ever used it, (the shame). :-)

  2. Such a pretty colour, i bought this at the end of summer last year and I'm excited to whip it out again x


  3. This shade is gorgeous, I kept meaning to pick it up last year but never did! I love peaches and corals xx

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  4. gosh, i want these nail polishes so bad... im so sad i cant get them here xx(



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