Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NEW MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

So when MAC discontinued Mineralize Skinfinish foundation I was mad (read about it here) but when I heard there was a replacement in the pipeline, the similarly named Mineralize Moisture Foundation it cushioned the blow somewhat. Then when I heard it was the go to foundation at London Fashion Week I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

What MAC say about its new foundation... 
Its lightweight lush texture feeds skin instantly with mineral-rich nourishing hydration, all day long. The uniquely creamy fluid, ideal for dry skin, blends beautifully, featuring shea butter, emollients and conditioning extracts to keep the face soft and supple. The formula features MAC 77-Mineral Complex including Shea Butter, emollients and conditioning extracts to keep the face soft and supple. This foundation is a light to medium coverage which is buildable.  Its combination of powders creates an optical blurring effect that virtually diminishes imperfections and fine lines for a more even tone.
My verdict...
Love, love, LOVE it! It’s right up my street. Creamy, moisturising, dewy, fresh... I’m running out of superlatives. What’s impressed me the most about this foundation is that the glow lasts! Far too often that dewy glow you get with application disappears after an hour, but not with  Mineralize Moisture Foundation. But be warned this foundation is not for everyone. If you have oily, even combination skin you may find it too shiny. I’ve had to reduce the amount of moisturiser I use in conjunction with this foundation and refrain from using Fix+ or Caudalie Beauty Elixir because that would be moisture overload!
Very easy to apply. The creamy liquid glides on smoothly with fingers or a brush and blends seamlessly. Currently I’m preferring MAC duo fibre 130 brush.
Low to medium buildable coverage. It easily covers dark circles and minor blemishes but doesn’t mask the skin.
Fresh, healthy, dewy finish.
At least 8-9 hours, I rarely wear foundation for longer but the skin does appear a little in the afternoon and I find it needs a little more powder.

Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation V Mineralize Moisture Foundation
So how do the two compare? They’re actually quite different. MMF is much creamier and more dewy, the finish is probably closer to MAC Studio Sculp. MSF feels lighter on the skin and has gorgeous light reflecting qualities but it does dry/set quite quickly unlike MMF. As for the shades, I’ve got NC30 in both of them, they’re similar but MMF is slightly darker. I’m still mad with MAC for discontinuing Satin Finish, there’s room in my life for both...
R: Mineralize Satinfinish NC30 L: Mineralize Moisture

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation 30ml £26 is out now, available at in store and online. 


  1. I like the satin finish, too bad is discontinued. I don't think I'd pull of this newer version simply because I have combination skin. I'd still try it at the counter because I love dewy/moisturizing foundations. xo

    1. Of course, it's so worth a try. It really is lovely, but with my drier skin type I'm still finishing it very moisturising, sometimes shiny x

  2. I'm so excited about this foundation! I love dewy finishes and will definitely have to test this one out! xxx

  3. I can not decide on the color of this foundation, should I buy NC30 or NC25... You have NC30, so maybe you could help me choose a color? Tell me, I'd be very grateful, what color of Clinique, Supermoisture Makeup do you have? (I saw that you have it on the photo) Maybe then I will be better able to decide and compare... I hade vanilla shade of Clinique, so do you think that this color NC30 would be good for me? xxx

  4. Or maybe you've had such foundations as Chanel vitalumiere or L'oreal Lumi Magique for compare shades? Terribly I can not decide which to buy, and it would really help me :)When it comes to Vitalumiere, my correct shade is 25, I have 30 but it is a little too dark for me, Lumi magique I have N4 pure beige and it's great! What do you think, which will be better for me? xxx

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