Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spreading the Love... My New Dogeared Necklace

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know I’ve just had a birthday.  I got lots of gorgeous gifts but this one’s too cute not to share. Say hello to my little Dogearded love necklace with sparkle heart...

Dogeared is a little Californian company founded in 1991. Their jewellery is designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness... And their hope is that Dogeared jewels help people connect with one another in a meaningful way by putting good energy out into the world, one jewel at a time. What’s not to love!
They have a huge range of designs from the famous karma collection to love, happiness, faith, make a wish and more. Plus each one comes with a meaningful message. With a growing celebrity following including Salena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel you’ve probably seen their designs even if you didn’t know it.

I am thrilled with this little gem.  It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s cute, classy and very chic! It’s small but robust (trust me, I caught it in my tangle teezer) and goes with everything. My heart necklace is 46cm (18 inch) of gold dipped fine chain with an 8mm gold sparkle heart charm. Retails for around £50, available in the UK from asos and accessories online.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This is gorgeous Claire! Love the simplicity of it!

    Jess xox

  3. I have a wishbone necklace from Dogeared and I just adore it. This one is gorgeous!

    1. I nearly went for the wishbone... maybe next time!

  4. Lovely necklace! Hope you had a lovely birthday x


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