Friday, 18 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013

I've been away for a few days and look what's been waiting for me....

Apologies for the poor quality and lack of photos, someone stole my memory card (you know who you are)

January's Glossybox is all about the Detox (surprise, surprise). This month's products "will stimulate your sense with their uplifting scents and textures, while rejuvenating your spirit for a replenished new you". So this is what I got... 

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Conditioner 100ml (300ml, £11.50)

Designed to strengthen and repair damaged hair. Definitely happy to see this! My hair needs all the help it can get right now and the bottle is a decent size. 

Elemis Fresh Skin Face Exfoliator 30ml (100ml £12)

I WAS happy to see this (there's always room for another face scrub in my collection) until I realised that I was too old for it! According to Glossybox this range is designed for the teens to mid-twenties age group, oh well that's me out. Still I'll give it a go... note to Glossybox - read your customer profiles.

Duck Island Body Lotion 30ml (500ml £24.95)

This smells nice, very aromatic BUT tiny body lotions are a bit of a pet hate of mine. 30mls aint gonna cover much of my body and it's not a squeezy bottle so you find you can't get much out.

Monu Aromatic Mask 30ml (100ml £24.95)

I've received a few Monu products now and I've loved them all. I'm also in need of a new face mask (just ran out of my beloved Soap and Glory Pore Refiner) but again I'm annoyed with the bottle. I've just thrown out a Monu body moisturiser in the exact same bottle because despite all the squeezing and tapping I could only get a tiny bit of the product out.

Jason Lips Be Healthier Lipbalm £1.99

Made with Bees Wax and Aloe, it's cute and useful. As is the 6th bonus gift, the Glossy dreams eye mask.

Overall I'm quite happy with this box. Some good brands, decent size products and not a perfume vial in sight. I'm most excited to try the Paul Mitchell conditioner and the too young for me Elemis exfoliator. It's a shame that it's nearly all skincare though, where's the make up at? You can find out more about the Glossybox subscription service here.


  1. Oo nice stuff: )
    I got slightly different products in my box but still all skincare. I do like my box and I guess there'll be makeup in next months box x

  2. Im actually a bit jealous of your box !! Mines was a bit crap this month to be honest xxx

  3. I cancelled my subscription to glossy box a few months back because the products were just rubbish but this box looks like a good one, love the eye mask x

  4. I got the same as you, I was quite happy minus the body lotion sample! X

  5. I got almost the same as you but I received the shampoo - which is amazing! I was unimpressed with the body lotion - I had high hopes for it after reading the descriptor but it was very disappointing and quite expensive! I agree about the bottles!

    Claire xo


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