Thursday, 20 December 2012

Want to know what my favourite EVER Lipstick is?

You may have noticed I've been a bit light on the blog posts lately... Christmas the most wonderful time of year and the BUSIEST! Anyway, you know I'm a big lippy lover so I thought I should share with you my favourite ever lipstick... (can't believe I haven't done this sooner) Drumroll......

It's MAC's Creme Cup! Probably no surprise it's MAC or that it's a pale pink, but not all pale pinks are equal! It's a blue toned baby pink, that suits my complexion perfectly. It's similar to Angel, but without the subtle lilac tint and slightly pinker than Hue, but it's the formula that sets Creme Cup aside. The cremesheen finish is so creamy and moisturising, yet surprisingly pigmented and long wearing. As someone prone to dry, chapped lips it's important for me. It glides on easily straight from the bullet and is so versatile. I wear it most days, it's just so easy and flattering to wear, it's also the perfect partner to the smokey eye.

It's one of those lipsticks that suits nearly everyone. I have friends with blonde hair and very dark hair, pale and warmer toned skins who all rock this. 

Here it is next to another of my faves, Creme D'nude...

I think Creme Cup will remain unrivaled in my collection for many years! MAC Lipsticks £14


  1. I'm in love with Creme Cup, too! Also loving the YSL Rouge Volupte 01! You'd love that!

  2. I love this lipstick, I would say its one of my favourites. :) x

  3. This was my first ever mac purchase all those years ago & it remains one of my faves!

    I'm your newest follower loving your blog so far!

  4. I wore Hue at the weekend, it comes close, BUT it's no good when your lips are dry!


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