Monday, 31 December 2012

Beauty and le Chic Blue aka Baker Street

The nail polish of the year, rolled in diamantes and re-branded "Beauty and le Chic Blue"... Now that's what I'm taking about!

In case you don't know, and trust me you will want to, Nails Inc have taken creativity and customisation to the next level with the amazing Couture by Nails Inc range. You choose the lid, from blinging diamantes to cool leather studs, the shade, the box and you can even name your creation - be it quirky, cool, naughty or nice, it's your choice.

So on to "Beauty and le Chic Blue" aka Baker Street. With a little help from Beyoncé this has become Nails Inc's most sought after polish and I can see why. It's simply divine. Bold yet chic, striking and versatile. This vibrant cobalt blue has won me over and I never imagined I'd love bright blue talons.

As you'd expect from Nails Inc, application is professional and easy. It's completely opaque and provided full coverage with two coats. What completely surprised me is its durability. I normally find Nails Inc have a tendency to chip easily, but not this one. Although it could be down to the Leighton Denny's ONE FOR ALL which I used as a base and top coat. Either way it's four days and still going strong and I'll be rocking it for New Year.

This little blue beauty has rocketted to the top of my lust list, I can't recommend it enough. A bottle of Nails Inc Couture costs £20, find out more here

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  1. Amazing color! And the packaging looks fabulous! Overall the real Couture)))


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