Thursday, 4 October 2012

Magazine Freebie Frenzie

Ladies, prepare to leg it down to your nearest newsagent because today is an amazing day for magazine freebies.

Instyle Magazine

Pick up a copy of November's Instyle Magazine if you 
fancy some Benefit beauties. Choose from the iconic Benetint, the very pretty ChaCha tint or the gorgeous Sun Beam highlighter. The magazine costs £3.80 and the freebies are worth between £6 and £8. They're very small (a diddy 4ml) but it's a great handbag size and they're the sort of products that last a long time anyway. I opted for Sun Beam, I already have the tints, and if truth be told, they're not really my thing... but boy do I love a highlighter! Plus there's a voucher inside for a free Bad Gal Mascara, enough said!

Marie Claire Magazine

First of all, how good does Taylor Swift look on the front on November's Marie Claire? I think I need to recreate her make up! Pick up a copy and you'll receive one of four L'Occitane Hand Creams. Choose from Shea Butter, Date Bouquet, Rose Petals and Mango Flowers. The cover price is £3.70 and the hand creams are worth £8, decent deal if you love L'Occitane Hand Creams! They're one of my favourites and this size is ideal for handbags and desks. I chose the original Shea Butter, but I'll be picking up a Date Bouquet... IF I can find one. And, for a little Brucie Bonus there's an extra free gift in the form of a 50ml Dove hair therapy condition.

Easy Living Magazine

I can't say this is a Magazine that's ever frequented my coffee table, but if they give away freebie like this one, that'll all change. A girl can never have enough hand creams and I adore Cow Shed and their very cheeky names. With this month's magazine £3.70 (with the lovely Lucy Liu on the cover, remember her!) you can bag a Cow Pat or a Cow Slip! These 50ml creams, infused with essential oils, smell great and get the job done in a jiffy. I've just had a really quick flick through the pages and it looks like a great read!

I suppose I've had worse mornings 



  1. I say the Marie Claire last night and got so excited about it, i love L'Occitane hand cream. I got the Mango flower one and im loving it :)

    Lorna xxx

  2. Hopefully going to get mine tomorrow! I really want sun beam! x

  3. Wow, need to get my hands on Marie Claire. Great post, thanks for sharing x


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