Monday, 3 September 2012

Mad for Revlon's Just Bitten kissable Balm Stains

There’s been a huge buzz surrounding these and I must be the last person on earth to jump on the bandwagon, but it’s official... I LOVE Revlon’s Just Bitten kissable Balm Stains.
You see, when Revlon launched these beauties, I was still enjoying their amazing lip butters and really didn’t need to add another lip product to my collection... BIG mistake, because I’ve been seriously missing out!

I’ve always associated fat pencil style lipsticks with being heavy, harsh and very drying. Revlon’s Just Bitten kissable Balm Stains are none of the above. First of all, it’s not a pencil, it’s a chubby crayon and there’s no sharpening required – the crayon simply twists from the bottom to reveal more product... kinda like a push pop! The packaging is more or less identical to Clinque’s chubby sticks, yet they’re half the price. The light, gel formula glides on easily and is incredibly moisturising. It feels like a balm with the coverage and pigmentation of a lipstick, even a stain. The pigmentation varies depending on the shade but they’re all buildable and yield a lustrous, glossy and long lasting finish. My lips definitely feel softer and smoother when I wear it, in fact I keep rubbing my lips together because I enjoy the feel so much.


Crush and Cherish
Crush beguin 05 is a rich berry. It looks like a very dark burgundy but when it applies, it’s more of a raspberry shade. This one was a big surprise for me. It’s not s shade I’d normally go for, but it really suits me and I’ve enjoyed wearing this one the most.

Cherish devotion 015 is a light cool pink with blue undertones. It reminds me of MAC’s Naughty Saute Lipstick. It gives a bright, but wearable pop of colour.

Pitifully there are only seven shades to choose from in the UK. We need more! RRP £7.99, currently £5.99 at Boots.
So, who else is hooked?


  1. These look like very similar to Clinique one.
    Colour looks nice and cheaper!
    I definitely get them;)
    Thanks your

  2. Looks so moisturising! Great post.

  3. Me!! Cherish looks great on your lips :) xx


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