Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Glossybox September 2012

This month's theme is Rising Stars... I think Style Over Substance would have been more appropriate!

September's limited edition box designed exclusively by London based "up-and-coming" illustrator Maggie Li is super cute. Mint green with beautiful pink illustrations is right up my street, but the positives end there!

The less said about last months box the better, but after a less than disappointing month I really thought Glossy would pull it out of the bag. With my high hopes, I lifted the lid on this months box, and was again DISAPPOINTED!

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance
I wasn't disappointed to see GaGa's debut fragrance in my box, I sampled it the other week and quite liked it BUT the 1.2ml sample is worth just £1 and they give them out at beauty counters all the time! It would have been great as a 6th bonus gift, but to class it as one of my five luxury sampled is a cheek!
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial
Rodial is a brand I haven't tried before and I'm excited to sample both the serum and the facial. But again, 4 X 1ml sachets is pretty pitiful.
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
A triple-action cream designed to sooth tired eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This is a nice product and if hadn't already received it FREE with Glamour a couple of months ago I'd probably be happier. 7ml worth £5.25
Vichy Idealia Day Cream
This is the product I was the most excited to see. A soothing and illuminating day cream that smooths skin's texture and improves complexion radiance. Vichy's a brand I like and the cream's a decent size - 15ml worth around £7.50
Marhrabian Hair Oil
Please, oh please STOP sending me hair oil. I love Oils, but not on my flat, greasy hair! Hopefully I can use this elsewhere because it smells lovely. 10mls worth around £2.60.

Looks like another FAIL from Glossybox this month. Thanks to GlossyDots (feedback loyalty point) next month's box will be free, after that I think I need to cancel my subscription. I'd rather buy one full size product that I actually want. Would you pay £12.95 for this?

What do you think? Did anyone do better? 



  1. Its dreadful. I think mine was even worse, instead of the vichy i got a tiny pot from the bodyshop which is high street not luxury. Not happy with glossybox at all.

    Lorna xxx

  2. Mine was rubbish as well, severely tempted to cancel.. it's just not worth it, i'd rather buy myself a nice lippy every month! There is not a single item I am happy to have in there :( xxx

    1. I agree Poppy, one full size product would be better. At least you're getting something that you actuallu want x

  3. really disappointed with mine too. Got the bodyshop face cream sample too - and honestly that was my favorite product of the box. Thankfully no more hair oil for me this time :D
    I have been hoping for the last few months that the boxes will improve, but it's just another rubbish box again so will be canceling. I just don't think it's worth it. I rather buy one full size item every month that I know I will be using and enjoying.
    Also realized that I have re-purchased only two full size products after trying out the samples. So that too must be an indication that I don't really like the products I receive that much.
    Have read that they will be offering a premium box service (which it already claims to be anyway) from october so will keep an eye on that. Maybe they have been saving all the good stuff for the new box :D

    1. Hi Zane
      A premium box, that's interesting! Like you said it's already supposed to be premium service and I certainly wouldn't consider paying any more. x

  4. I have to agree with you, I was very dissappointed when I opened my glossybox this month! Fingers crossed next months is better, otherwise I'll be considering whether I should just cancel it.

  5. I'm really disappointed with mine too!.. Apart from the eye cream and the Vichy Day Cream, wasn't too bad.

    However, the hair oil, I haven't tried yet, but I am just not too keen on the idea!.. It would just turn me into a grease ball, urgh!..


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