Sunday, 30 September 2012

Feeling Blue... Lapiz of Luxury

Blue nails may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I don't let that disapproving squint from my Mum put me off because I'm really feeling the love for Blue right now and Lapiz of Luxury is at the top of my lust list. Bikini so Teeny may have failed to hit the mark (read my review here) but Essie have redeemed themselves in my eyes with this beauty. 

Described as a dreamy ocean blue, Lapiz of Luxury is a beautiful cornflower blue. It looks very similar to Bikini so Teeny in the bottle, but the two are actually very different, promise! Lapiz of Luxury is a dark blue without any shimmer and more importantly, the formula is much better. No streaks here!

Bikini so Teeny & Lapiz of Luxury
Okay, not quite chalk and cheese but different enough! Lapiz of Luxury applies fairly sheer so you do need two to three coats for a nice opaque coverage, but it's not at all streaky. It has what they call a jel-creme finish and lasts 2-3 days before fading. I think it's really pretty and feminine, it may be a perfect Spring shade but I'm happy rocking it into Winter and it will look fab with a glitter top coat!

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