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Contouring made easy with MAC Pro Sculpting Cream

When I heard about MAC pro sculpting creams I knew I had to try them, so much so I ordered online without "playing" with it first... something I rarely do and don't advocate! I do a bit of powder contouring, but cream contouring has always scared me... until now.

MAC Pro Sculpting Creams are described as a “cream-to-powder formula for sculpting and shaping key features, apply where extra dimension is needed" There are 6 shades in the range, here's how MAC describe them...

Accentuate - peachy beige
Naturally Defined - warm beige
Pure Sculpture - natural pink beige
Coffee Walnut - deep, dirty cool brown
Copper Beach - warm golden brown
Richly Honed - warm deep brown

Relying on internet pics, I went for Pure Sculpture. Natural pink beige doesn't describe it well, it's more of a softened tan brown. Some have said it's too warm for contouring and it certainly has a subtle tan element to it, but there's no shimmer and it seems to work on me (I'm NC30 if that helps).

If you're not familiar with contouring, it's all about using shadows and light to emphasize or minimise features. It can be used to define jawlines, make cheekbones appear more prominent, lift eyes, even shrink your nose. Did you see this picture of Kim Kardashian? It kinda demonstrate the principle.

It can be a bit tricky, but emphasising cheekbones with MAC Pro sculpting cream is seriously simple!

The texture is unique - light and creamy, not heavy but thick enough to pack a punch. Almost like a concealer but not as heavy. It's very builable and layers like a dream, which is very important because you can start with a very light hand and build it as you become more comfortable.

  1. Start by sucking in your cheekbones to create a lovely duck face
  2. Take a small brush, I prefer synthetic for creams (I'm use MAC 130 although something more dense would be better), and starting from the bottom of the ear, using small, circular movements, sketch a line heading towards, but not all the way to, the corner of your mouth. This should sit just under your cheek bones. You can do it in the other direction, but starting at the top means most of the product is placed there and gets less as you move down - it looks more natural. Basically you're shading the hollows of your cheeks to accentuate your cheekbones.
  3. Buff/blend the line out so it looks more natural. You don't want to look like you've drawn on those shadows do you! I use the brilliant MAC 109 small contour brush but any small blush brush will do.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 if you need to create more dimension. Then you're done, SIMPLES

The cream dries and has a very natural finish. It doesn't "set" and it's not powdery, it's just very natural and lasts a good eight hours. I'm VERY impressed with this product, I kept checking the mirror, stunned at my "new" cheekbones.

If you're into contouring or just fancy giving it a go, I'd definitely recommend trying these. PRO Sculpting Cream £17.50 There's also a sexy little flat contour brush 163 to accompany the range... I'm trying so hard to refrain.



  1. Oooh, will need to try this as i fail at contouring. :)


  2. Great review as usual! This looks really good, cream to powder finish. I'm guessing they're on the permanent line? xx

  3. Really good review and excellent tips on contouring! I've had a go at contouring using a touch of Benefit matte bronzer but found the product as no staying power, might have to give these ones a whirl!

  4. i always worry that if i contour then i cant bronze too..otherwise i will loose my contour in my bronzer...that made no sense whatsoever did x

  5. I'm selling two sculpting powder (Sculpt & Accentuate)

  6. where did u buy them online? apparently on the MAC webside they only have the sculpting POWDER instead of the cream.
    nice job :)


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