Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Introducing The No7 Match Made Foundation Service... The Beauty Gadget that Could Change Your Life!

We all know that finding your perfect foundation isn’t easy! But a pioneering new camera-like gadget from No7 could finally spell an end to orange jaw lines and ghostly white masks.
Today Boots launches a ground breaking device that can determine your exact skin shade and tone. The No7 Foundation Match Made Service is a UK beauty first. This hand-held gadget is rested against the jaw to assess your skin's exact tone, lightness, colour saturation and reveal your true shade.
Once your shade has been determined, a beauty consultant will help you find the texture and finish to suit you. The No7 cosmetic line has been completely overhauled - good news in my book! There are a total of 17 new shades and all of the foundations have been reformulated to match the No7 skin-true shade colour palette. As someone that’s always found No7’s colour palette quite limited this is music to my ears!

Let my hero Lisa Eldridge, aka best make up artist in the world, aka No7's creative director tell you more...

The Match Made Service will be available in 668 stores nationwide and over 1000 Boots advisers have been specially trained to use the hand-held device. Oh, and did I mention the service is FREE and there's no obligation to purchase any products. There’s nothing to lose, except maybe that orange line! Find out more


  1. This sounds amazing I wish they would introduce something like this in MAC stores, the SA always insist on giving me some shade of bright orange foundation


  2. This is AMAZING....I can't believe we'll have the chance to use this gardget....thanks for the extra cool is this!

  3. I think as soon as their patent runs out, all the beauty houses will be copying it.


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