Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Taupetastic Nails... Mavala Maron Glacé

At my last count I had 11 glorious polishes waiting patiently to be worn so I’m trying to work my way through them. First up this week I’ve gone for the lovely Maron Glacé by Mavala.

It’s a dead ringer for Chanel’s particuliere, straight up one of the biggest shades this century.  It’s  a browny/taupe with very subtle iridescent shimmer. I love the milky finish as opposed to a glossy one. Although Mavala polishes are an iddy-diddy 5ml, the brush head is full size so there’s no problems with application. It’s very pigmented, one coat gave great coverage but I added another for good measure. I think it’s a very sophisticated shade. Not very summery, but then, neither is England right now.

What’s more it was a little bargain. I picked it up in the Debenham’s sale for around £2.50. Also have a look at Fragrance Direct, they stock Mavala from £1.75.


  1. Gorgeous colour, thank you for introducing me to Fragrance order is in! xxx

    1. Fragrance Direct is fab isn't it. They've got OPI now too x


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