Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nails Inc A Lister’s Collection

You might have noticed I haven’t done a nail post for a while, I’m giving my talons a much needed rest and treating them to some intensive Nail Envy and Avoplex (more on that another time).  Despite already having a backlog of new polishes to try, I couldn’t resist this set in the ASOS sale for just £13.50 (reduced to £15 with a further 10% off).
The Nails Inc A Lister’s Collection contains 4 full size limited edition catwalk inspired neutral shades to make you feel like a star. Snap up this gorgeous collection and get chic nails in no time!
Lower Sloane Street: Soft toffee
Ledbury Road: Metallic taupe
Mayfair: Iridescent white
Covent Garden Ballet: Delicate grey shimmer
The shades are so wearable and very classy. I did a quick swatch of each and I love them all, except maybe Lower Sloane Street, that's a bit blah. I love Ledbury road, I'm a big fan of metallic shades. I wasn’t sure that I’d like Mayfair, it looks like tip-ex in the pictures, but it’s much more of a delicate pearl in the flesh. My favourite I think is Covent Garden Ballet, it has a beautiful and subtle shimmer...

Nails Inc A Lister Nude Collection, RRP £25, currently £15.50 ASOS sale

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  1. I love nail polish colours like these - so wearable and classy :) Love the taupe and grey especially!


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