Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Goodbye Sleep, Hello Great Hair!

First of all I have the lovely Sarah from ooh so glam to thank for these little beauties; I was lucky enough to win them in June’s giveaway. I’ve been dying to try them and finally got around to it this weekend... if you follow me on Instagram (@beautyandlechic), I posted a teaser on Saturday night. Nora Batty eat your heart out...

I love the concept. As the name suggests, they’re sleep friendly Velcro rollers. Unlike traditional velcros made from sturdy plastic, these soft, foam centred rollers are designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down. Now I absolutely adore the packaging.  It’s cute, girlie and very practical. Each pack contains twenty soft rollers, a suede pouch of hair grips and comes in a handy pink shopper.


The instructions recommend using on clean, dry hair. They were really easy to use and I was impressed by their “stickiness”. It took about 20 minutes to cover my full head (I did have a little help with the back) and 20 rollers was just right for me (actually I could have done with 21 but I’ll ration better next time). That said, I do have a bit of pea head and fine hair, so if you have a big head and lots of hair, 20 might not suffice. Once in, they looked pretty impressive, even if I did look like something from TOWIE. They’re very light-weight and comfortable... until you lay down!
That’s the one problem with these rollers (but it’s pretty intrinsic since they’re called Sleep in Rollers) they’re not conducive with sleeping... that is if you like to sleep lying down. Yes they’re soft and squidgy, but they don’t flatten that much when you lay down and sleeping 5 inches above the pillow only results in neck ache. I spent the whole night tossing and turning and in the end, I had to rip three out of the side of my head to create a patch to lie on.
It was with great trepidation that I carefully unwound the rollers the next morning. After the night from hell I couldn’t have coped if I’ve woken up with the same flat hair I went to bed with. Fortunately I had big, bouncy, bad ass locks.  Great volume and flicked out lengths, just what I was looking for.



I wish my hair looked like this every day. The volume lasted very well but the waves soon dropped. To be fair, I do have very long, fine hair and it was a windy day.

I might have had great hair but my face bore the signs of little sleep. I love these rollers, but in future I’ll wear them during the day instead. 

Find out more and buy from Velcro Sleep Rollers £17.95



  1. Wow your hair look gorgeous!! xx

  2. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

  3. Your hair looks amazing!! I'v tried rollers before, it wasnt a good experience lol!! Xo

  4. Gorgeous, but I think I value my sleep more than big hair :-)

  5. Do u have international shipping option. I even tried using rollers but was not satisfied.. :(

  6. I've just bought them! Your hair looks great!

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose.


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