Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nails Inc A Lister’s Collection

You might have noticed I haven’t done a nail post for a while, I’m giving my talons a much needed rest and treating them to some intensive Nail Envy and Avoplex (more on that another time).  Despite already having a backlog of new polishes to try, I couldn’t resist this set in the ASOS sale for just £13.50 (reduced to £15 with a further 10% off).
The Nails Inc A Lister’s Collection contains 4 full size limited edition catwalk inspired neutral shades to make you feel like a star. Snap up this gorgeous collection and get chic nails in no time!
Lower Sloane Street: Soft toffee
Ledbury Road: Metallic taupe
Mayfair: Iridescent white
Covent Garden Ballet: Delicate grey shimmer
The shades are so wearable and very classy. I did a quick swatch of each and I love them all, except maybe Lower Sloane Street, that's a bit blah. I love Ledbury road, I'm a big fan of metallic shades. I wasn’t sure that I’d like Mayfair, it looks like tip-ex in the pictures, but it’s much more of a delicate pearl in the flesh. My favourite I think is Covent Garden Ballet, it has a beautiful and subtle shimmer...

Nails Inc A Lister Nude Collection, RRP £25, currently £15.50 ASOS sale

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012... in Pictures

I'm busy packing for a couple of days away (never a quick task), but July's Glossybox arrived today so I had to share it with you. I haven't got time to go into lots of details, so let the pictures do the talking...

There's actually six products in this months box, if you include the Elizabeth Arden samples;

Bex London EC2 2ml Fragrance Spray - I've had a quick sniff, very nice but smells masculine

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist 100ml - For hair and skin, umm might come in handy during this heat wave.

Monu Cooling Eye Gel 20ml - Glossybox have sent out a few Monu products and I've liked them all so I was happy to see this one.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Irish Cream Pavlova 15ml - A pink cream gloss for lips and cheeks that smells good enough to eat, can't wait to try!

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil 10ml - I'm becoming a real oil obsessive so I was very pleased when I spied this one.

And as a little bonus there's three Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference sachets.

I think this month's Festival Beauty themed box is a good one, looking forward to trying all of the products... I'll let you know if there's any gems.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Is it worth it? L'Oreal's Mega Volume Collagen 24 hr Mascara

This was a spur of the moment purchase at the weekend. I’m sufficiently stocked up on Mascaras, but I was in Superdrug and there was £3 off, need I say more.

 The first thing you notice is the chunky brush. I’m not normally a fan of large brushes, I tend to prefer the skinny ones that let you manoeuvre to the root of the lash, then drag them up to new heights. That said, large brushed mascaras do tend to be quick and easy to apply and this is no exception. It coats lashes very generously with the blacker than black collagen enriched formula. There’s no clumping and despite the large brush, it’s easy to handle, and as it’s slightly curved at the end, it’s nimble enough to get into the corner of the eyes.

Now I’m not sure about its thickening credentials, it doesn’t separate and create the illusion of more lashes, like my beloved They’re Real. There is some volume, but for me, this one’s more about lengthening and curling, in fact my lashes curled a lot! Overall I’m happy with the result, it’s not quite the wow factor but we don’t need the false lash look every day, do we? My lashes looked long and dark and, well, “done”. It’s very long-wearing. I haven’t challenged its 24 hour credentials but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did last that long. Fortunately, and this is very important to me, it washes off easily and without any clumps of fibres.

I wouldn’t say it’s as good as L’Oreal’s Telescopic False Lash Effect Mascara (read review), but it's easier to handle and more of an everyday mascara. Mega Volume Collagen 24 Mascara RRP £9.99 out now


Thursday, 19 July 2012

On the fence over Benefit Coralista

I think I’m turning into a blusher addict. I used to “survive” with just a few blushers, but now I have about 15 in my collection and I’m sure I’m still not done. Not only do we have a rainbow of colours to contend with but with creams, powders, sheers, shimmers, minerals and mattes, there’s too many to choose from.
I’m completely in love with Benefit’s Bella Bamba, read my review here, but I actually purchased Coralista first. Released in 2009, it’s become a cult favourite amongst the “beauty” crowd. I didn’t rush to blog about it because I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, in fact, I’m still not.
Now there’s lots to love about this blusher – the colour, the packaging, the size, but there’s one problem, it’s too sheer for me. Coralista is a shimmery peachy pink. In the box I’d say it’s the perfect coral – not too pink, not too red or orange; just right.

However, as it applies so sheer, that perfect shade doesn't translate to the face. It gives more of a soft, glowy sheen with a touch of coral rather than a pop of warm colour. The powder is very silky with a frost finish, which I adore, I just wish it was more pigmented. It might be better suited to fairer skin tones. I’m going to hang on to it until the winter, see if it suits my sun-starved pasty complexion any better.
It’s often compared to Nars Orgasm and Super Orgasm, but I think they’re pinker and much more “in yer face”.
I love the packaging, what can I say, I’m a sucker for leopard print and Benefit have been very generous with this one. At 12g it’s double the size of a standard MAC blush, making the £23 price tag seem fairly reasonable.
I had to apply it very heavily to show on the pics
For me it’s perfect when you want a pretty, subtle sheen but if you like to look like you’re wearing blusher, this probably isn’t for you. What do you think?

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Goodbye Sleep, Hello Great Hair!

First of all I have the lovely Sarah from ooh so glam to thank for these little beauties; I was lucky enough to win them in June’s giveaway. I’ve been dying to try them and finally got around to it this weekend... if you follow me on Instagram (@beautyandlechic), I posted a teaser on Saturday night. Nora Batty eat your heart out...

I love the concept. As the name suggests, they’re sleep friendly Velcro rollers. Unlike traditional velcros made from sturdy plastic, these soft, foam centred rollers are designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down. Now I absolutely adore the packaging.  It’s cute, girlie and very practical. Each pack contains twenty soft rollers, a suede pouch of hair grips and comes in a handy pink shopper.


The instructions recommend using on clean, dry hair. They were really easy to use and I was impressed by their “stickiness”. It took about 20 minutes to cover my full head (I did have a little help with the back) and 20 rollers was just right for me (actually I could have done with 21 but I’ll ration better next time). That said, I do have a bit of pea head and fine hair, so if you have a big head and lots of hair, 20 might not suffice. Once in, they looked pretty impressive, even if I did look like something from TOWIE. They’re very light-weight and comfortable... until you lay down!
That’s the one problem with these rollers (but it’s pretty intrinsic since they’re called Sleep in Rollers) they’re not conducive with sleeping... that is if you like to sleep lying down. Yes they’re soft and squidgy, but they don’t flatten that much when you lay down and sleeping 5 inches above the pillow only results in neck ache. I spent the whole night tossing and turning and in the end, I had to rip three out of the side of my head to create a patch to lie on.
It was with great trepidation that I carefully unwound the rollers the next morning. After the night from hell I couldn’t have coped if I’ve woken up with the same flat hair I went to bed with. Fortunately I had big, bouncy, bad ass locks.  Great volume and flicked out lengths, just what I was looking for.



I wish my hair looked like this every day. The volume lasted very well but the waves soon dropped. To be fair, I do have very long, fine hair and it was a windy day.

I might have had great hair but my face bore the signs of little sleep. I love these rollers, but in future I’ll wear them during the day instead. 

Find out more and buy from Velcro Sleep Rollers £17.95


Friday, 13 July 2012

Fancy a Virtual Makeover?

Ever wondered what you’d look like with blue eye liner or whether you can really rock a red pout? Well now you can try before you buy thanks to Marks & Spencer’s new virtual make over tool.

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M&S have really pulled their socks up in the beauty stakes. They’ve relaunched their entire beauty line, repackaged and improved all of their existing brand products, introduced new luxe brands and created new uber chic beauty boutiques in their major stores. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also taking advantage of new industry technology to make its customers look EVEN more beautiful.

Shisedo have been touring with theit “magic mirror” and it’s gone down a storm, but Marksies have gone one step better. Their virtual make over is online, free and can be enjoyed in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home
Featuring hundred of products and thousands of colour combinations the site lets you create a bespoke face or choose from one of their ready made looks – like beach babe and festival belle.

Upload a picture or choose a model with similar colouring and off you go. Customers can than save their looks, chose to buy some of the recommended products or tweet, email or Facebook their friends with the pictures for advice. Even if you're perfect as you as, it's pretty funny messing around with your look, or if you're feeling mischievous, your friends!

Whilst you’re there you might want to take advantage of the 25% off Autograph all make up.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

MAC Casual Colour... the best thing since Blushcreme

I’m so happy about this one, I could BURST! If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I’m a fan of cream blushers. And since MAC Blushcremes, my all time favourite, were discontinued last year (read my review here) I’ve been searching high and low for a replacement. The search has been long, and although Stila’s convertible colour came close, I’ve moved more towards powder blushers. I never thought I’d love another cream blusher again... until now!

Introducing MAC Casual Lip & Cheek Colour. Part of the limited edition Colour collection, which is all about weekend Chic and MAC Style.... Effortless, easy and barely there.

First of all, I think the name sucks! Casual lip and cheek colour – it’s hardly sexy or enticing is it? And the packaging it a bit dull and unassuming, but what it lacks in style it makes up in substance. Described as Versatile, lightweight all-in-one colour for cheeks and lips. Creamy, super-blendable, barely there formula. Contains Vitamin E to help keep skin and lips nourished. Sounds good, here’s my low down.
As a Blusher
If you like a dewy finish, you’ll love this! The consistency is soft, pliant, and creamy without being too thick. The formula is similar to that of Blushcremes, but not quite as creamy (yet thicker and much creamy than Cremeblends).  I picked up Weekend Getaway, described as cool rose, but in the pot it looks like a brightened Strawberry pink. 

On the face I’d describe it as a fresh, medium pink with cooler tones. It’s extremely pigmented and gives great colour pay off. It spreads well and applies over the skin easily. I prefer to apply with my fingers, the heat melts the product onto the skin and it’s easier to control how much you apply. I pat on some colour then I blend it out with a duo fibre brush. I’m using 130, the girl at the MAC counter used 188. It blends well over foundation or bare skin and is buildable. The finish is very dewy and fresh. Compared to blushcremes I’d say it’s slightly sheerer and has a stronger sheen. The staying power is decent. I wore it yesterday and got a good 7-8 hours, although I did notice it had faded slightly throughout the day. But it’s small and handy enough to keep with you for those essential touch ups. It really is the type of product to you can just pat and go – great for holidays and festivals.

As a Lip Colour
I’m normally quite dubious about products that claim to be suitable for lips and cheeks. I expected it would be too drying for the pout, but I'm happy to say that's not the case! On the lips it's more of a subtle blue-based medium pink, the kind that I normally go for! It's opaque and has a satin to matte finish. It's not drying, but does kind of "set" and it's very long-wearing.

There are 8 Limited Edition shades £17.50. Initially I thought they were a bit pricey, but MAC has actually been very generous with this product. At 0.43 fl. oz, it contains four times the amount of most lipsticks and twice the amount of most blushers. And if you love it, don’t worry about it being snatched away. Although initially a limited edition, I hear that it will be relaunched into the permanent collection later in the year.

Evening Stroll  -  red-toned purple
Have a lovely Day! - neutral nude
Keep it Casual - warm wine, a reddy raspberry
Keep it loose -  warm peach with a little bit of pink
Lazy Sunday - Baby Pink
Out for Fun -  muted, medium-dark orange/red
Relaxation  - warm light pink
Weekend Getaway – cool pinky rose

Clockwise from the purple pot: Evening Stroll, Have a Lovely Day!, Keep It Casual, Keep It Loose, Lazy Sunday, Out for fun, Relaxation, Weekend Getaway

I’ve got my eye on Relaxation and Keep it Loose next!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shopping. Sales. Shoes.

It's sale season and everywhere I turn there's temptation! I won't bore you with every little bargain I've sniffed out but every girl likes to see new shoes and I've got to show off my beautiful new dress.

Diavolina Rose Suede Cut-Out Detail Shoes from ASOS were £106, reduced to £70. Hardly the bargain of the season I know, but I love them and I love ASOS! You can watch TV whilst you shop, save things in your "wish list" for a month and have them delivered to your door for free! I got three (oops) pairs of shoes in the ASOS sale and these are my favourite. I've been searching for some nude heels for ages - I know they're not actually nude, but they're close and I couldn't resist. They're by a brand called Diavolina, no I've never heard of them either.

They're so well made! The suede is extremely soft and they're super, super comfy, which is important now I'm getting old!  The colour is Khaki , but I think they're verging on taupe. Either way they're very versatile and go with lots.

On to my pretty little Stud Embellished Dress from Oasis.

I haven't shopped in Oasis for years but I was lured in by the "extra 20%" signs. This dress is so me, I had to have it, even if I don't have an occasion for it (wish I'd found it before my holiday). I think it looks very All Saints, in fact, I have a very similar one in Black from there. I love the silver and gold stud detail and again it's such a versatile piece. I can wear it casually with sandals and a denim jacket or dress it up with a biker jacket and shoe-boots. But the best thing about this dress was the price - £50 reduced to £20, then an extra 20% off making it £16, now that's the kinda reduction I'm talking about!

Oh and speaking of cute... how adorable is this new cherry scented Batiste dry shampoo. Love the sweet fruity scent but really it was the bottle that won me over.

Anyone else been hitting the sales?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Magazine Freebie Spectacular

If you haven’t already you need to hot-foot-it-down to your nearest newsagent and quick! This month our brilliant UK Magazines are fully loaded with beauty gifts galore. Last month was a great month for Magazine freebies with Leighton Denny and Ciate nail polishes and Benefit goodies and the August editions are even better. 
Glamour Magazine £2
Pick up a copy of August’s Glamour to bag one of four mini Balance Me skincare products worth between £10 and £12. Choose between a face wash, eye cream,  face moisturiser and a lip salve. I have a subscription to Glamour and they sent me the lip salve, I then went out and bought the eye cream… well worth £2. By the way, how unrecognisable is Kate Beckinsale on the cover? It looks more like Coleen.

Elle Magazine £3.90
This one is a korker! Free with August’s Elle Magazine is a 75ml of St. Tropez gradual tan body moisturizer, available in fair-medium and medium to dark. I’ve used this product before and I know it’s a good un, plus I love Mila Kunis so it’s a win win!

Red Magazine £3.90
With Red magazine you’ll be treated to a beautiful REN skincare kit with not one, but three mini products. The kit includes Hand and Body lotion, Eye Cream and Moisturiser and is worth £16.

Harpers Bazaar £4.20
Bazaar is quite a pricey magazine and not one I normally buy but Neom is a very luxurious and expensive brand so I think it’s worth it. Pick up this month’s copy with Victoria Secret’s goddess Mirander Kerr on the cover to receive a  Neom hand cream worth £15.
Marie Claire £3.70
With this month’s Marie Claire you can choose between three Avon mascaras worth up to £10 each. I’ve never tried an Avon mascara so I’d be happy to give them a whirl.

Cosmopolitan £3.50
You can’t miss this one, it has Jessica Ennis and a free Miss Guided polish on the front. I didn’t buy it because I’ve never used any Miss Guided products and I don’t really like Cosmo, sorry! But if you do, it’s a good little freebie.

All of the magazines are out now so be quick! Let me know if you spy any other goodies.
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