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Holiday Beauty Essentials

We all love a bit of sun! Whether you’re going abroad or just kicking back in your garden (wishful thinking I know)! But with the sun also comes frizz, burns and melting make up. Here are my top tips and beauty products to help you channel your inner beach babe.


Suncream (Obviously!)

Suncream is sooo important – if you want to tan you’ve got to do it carefully and gradually – the lobster look aint attractive and when you’re older, do you really wanna look like Donatella Versace?

If you’re going abroad go armed with a range of factors. I normally start on 30, then drop to 15 where I can (gone are the days of, oh I’ll just use a factor 6 oil). Although Malibu kindly sent me this factor 10 bronzing oil, which I road tested during last months (short-lived) heat wave. It smells lovely and it protected my skin in the scorching heat so I'll give it a go... depending how hot it gets. I use a separate, non-greasy high factor on my face. I love Ultra Sun's Anti-aging Face Formula SPF 30 and Boot Soltan Family Collection is really good value offering 3 factors and an aftersun for £12.99.

Lipbalm, preferably with SPF

So many people forget to protect their lips, but if you want to rock that colour popping lipstick at night you need to protect against chapped, burnt lips – SIMPLE!

Moisturiser/After Sun

After a hard days sunbathing you need a great moisturiser to lock that tan in! I’ve never know if it’s better to use after sun or a regular body moisturiser, but I’ve tried both and got the same results. I’ve always been a big fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter – unfortunately so are FLIES! AVOID aftersuns that market themselves as a tan prolonger. If it contains self tanning ingredient, I find it doesn’t mix well with the natural tan and leads to premature pealing. This year I'm taking Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter and a Malibu Aloe Vera after sun.

And I’d never go on holiday without Elizabeth Arden’s Eight hour cream – for burns, dry skin and chapped lips. Keep it close during the flight - it’s the perfect antidote to the moisture zapping, dehydrating aeroplanes. This one is really handy because it's small and light weight.

Make Up

I love holiday make up. You can take all your current routines and rules and throw them out the window cos if you can’t experiment in another country where no one knows you, when can you! Even if you’re not feeling so daring, the heat and humidity forces you to change it up anyway.

I do think holiday make up should be kept to a minimum, not least because those pesky airlines get stingier on luggage allowance every year, but who wants to waste their time applying the wall paint (only for it to slide off during that first cocktail) and with your bronzed holiday glow you shouldn’t need as much, right??? I wouldn’t bother with it during the day, but if you have to make sure it’s waterproof and opt for cream products over powder.

Cream Blush – my number one holiday hero!

A cream blush is great for adding a pop of colour on the cheeks without clogging the pores. In the heat they last longer and look fresher. I love MAC Blushcreme in LadyBlush and Stila’s Convertible colours (read the reviews here)– both can be used on the lips too. Tip – keep them in the fridge to avoid them becoming too liquified.

HOT nail varnish and lipstick

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to sport that bright lipstick you’ve been wanting to try but were too scared to. Try a bright fushia or coral – perfect compliment for a tan. I love MAC’s Impassioned and Cost Chic £13.50 each.

The same goes for the nails, step out your pale pink comfort zone and reach for something eye popping or sparkly! I've shortlisted these three beauties... Essie polishes in Mint Candy Apple and Cute as a Button for my fingers and Ciate's Jelly Bean for my toes... which is free with this month's Marie Claire Magazine.

Waterproof mascara

If you can go without, do! If not, whether there’s water involved or not, better make it waterproof or at least smudgeproof. The heat and humidity can be just as damaging – panda eyes is never a good look, especially on a hot summers day… or night. Max Factor's Flase Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara has amazing staying power, it's waterproof, heat proof, facewash proof... in fact it's bomb proof!


A salty/touselled/ texturising type spray

You’re on holiday. Frizz and waves are inevitable, so save time and effort blowdrying, straightening and trying to combat the kink and ride those beach waves. Some type of saltly/touselled/texturising spray will help you look all beachy and fabulous. I like Umberto Giannini’s grunge glamour tousled salt spray or make your own DIY spray with actual sea water!

Dry Shampoo

This time, it's not for the grease or the fact that I can't be bothered washing my hair, on holiday I use dry shampoo for texture and root lift. I love Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume. The heat and humidity can flatten hair and I haven't got time for a full blow wave or velcro rollers. Instead I work in some XXL volume for instant BIG HAIR.

Tangle Teezer

I don’t know how I coped without this for so long, home or away! Great for teasing out those sea salty tangles without breaking hair.

Hope that's got you all in the holiday mood? Let me know if you've got any fab holiday must haves. Not that I'm trying to rub it in, but I'm off to Greece tomorrow... so no posts for a week, sorry ladies!

See you soon x


  1. Great Post

    Have an amazing hol and wanna see some hol pics to make me jealous!


    1. Thanks hun, the pictures are on now. Did you get the Make Believe Tan? x

  2. All great choices Claire- I would def take Impassioned and Costa Chic! Hope you're having an amazing time.

    1. They were both my faves. I fancy Vegas Volt too after I saw it on your blog. Morange too if I was feeling very brave.

  3. I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did its AMAZING!! I've just read about ten posts. Hope you're having a lovely holiday! xx

    1. Hi Abbi, welcome on board, it's great to have you! Thank you x

  4. I just followed you on Instagram and loved your photos and now following you on here, stalker much?=D

    Hope you have a great time on holiday=)))

    1. Hi Hatice
      Thanks for following me! I've had a lovely holiday, just got back last night. I'll be back blogging in a day or two x

  5. Very nice!
    Visit my blog, we can follow each others!!


  6. Hi,

    for the cream blushes, there are 3 in the photo but I think you only mentioned 2. What is the name of the second Mac cream blush?


    ps- You have amazing skin, lashes and hair :)

    xo Mari

    1. Hi Maritza

      Thanks so much! Sorry, I should have been clearer. Two are MAC Blushcremes one in Ladyblush the other is Lilicent. The other one is Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium. X


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