Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Revlon Nail Shades

In my opinion Revlon nail lacquers are one of the best around, and probably THE best that price bracket. Great quality, great choice and a great price... what’s not to love? They’ve really sharpened their pencil lately with a HUGE range of colours it’s difficult to choose just one... so I got three! Well, it would have been rude not to whilst they were on the 3 for 2 offer. That said, with nearly 50 shades in Boots it was tough enough whittling it down to three!


The first that caught my eye! The sun was shining that week and I really fancied a nice pastel shade. Plus, as I discovered when I did my Easter Nails, I’m short on pastel hues, so this was a welcome addition to the collection. The shade’s very opaque, with decent coverage from one coat, although I needed three coats for an even coverage because the formula is quite thin. The shade is a very pale lilac and in some lights it did remind me of when I painted my nails with tip-ex in school (We all did it, didn’t we?) Overall, a very pretty polish, that will look even better when I have some colour in my hands.


This one’s a really sophisticated shade. I don’t normally go for reds. I have a few but wear them very rarely, but this one’s special. It reminds me of a light claret and looks soooo flattering on my fingers. Again it was very opaque after one coat and after a second coat I was all done.

The finish is slightly glossy, dries very quickly and lasted around 4 days before the chips appeared. I could have patched them up but it was onto the next one...


This is the one I deliberated over the longest! It was between this and a pale blue, which I rejected on the grounds that it was too similar to Charming. I liked the look of it in the shop, a nice creamy peach, but in reality it’s very nude. I’d call it a nude peachy with a glossy finish. Yes it’s pretty and classy, but if I’m honest, a touch boring. It’s the sort of shade I’d imagine Kate Middleton would wear.... perhaps I should pass it on to the Duchess, not sure I’ll wear it again.   

Revlon Nail Enamels retail for around £6.49 right now get 2 for £8 in Boots


  1. I'm also really liking Revlon polishes! I love the look of Classic. I'm currently wearing Revlon Flirt:)

  2. Classy is such a pretty shade ! xx



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