Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to Miami... and Mavala

You know when you’ve been meaning to try something for ages, and when you finally do it’s brilliant and you could kick yourself for not trying to sooner? Well that’s what happened with me and Mavala nail colours. I’ve seen them around online, in magazines and beauty blogs, they even stock them in Boots now – you know you’ve made it when Boots stock you! Yet for some reason I’ve never got around to actually trying any of their products – they’ve been kicking around for over 50 years now, there’s really no excuse.
Mavala are renowned for their nail care products, gift sets and mini Nail colours, which come in a rainbow of 5ml bottles. Unlike the bottles, the range of colours is HUGE, seriously there must be over one hundred shades, retailing for around £4 in the UK.  Maybe it’s the size that’s put me off, 5mls is pretty small, yet bigger than OPI’s minis to put them into perspective (they’re 3.75mls), and let’s face it, how often do we really use the entire bottle?

Miami is a very cute and girlie pink. Universally flattering, it has a munti-tonal effect and a pearlised finish. The formula is top class! Easy to apply, great colour pay off and long lasting. The brush is a great size too, I didn’t really notice it was smaller and the best part... THE PRICE. I picked this one up on Fragrance Direct, one of my favourite online beauty retailers, for £1.99!
See the pearlised effect under artificial light?
It’s fair to say Miami won’t be the only Mavala in my collection for very long, in fact I’ve just ordered another called Marron Glace and I have my eye on Lagoon.
Fragrance Direct have a great range of Mavala Nail Colours from £1.75. Mavala is also included in Boots’ current 3 for 2 promotion.

What’s your favourite nail colour? Any recommendations?


  1. I might have to get this beauty! and it helps that I love Miami-beaches,food, men;)
    My fave nailpolish this week is Spoiled by Wet n Wild "Jail Bait" (who names these things?!) For $2 this was a great buy! It lasted well over 5 days with no chips!!

  2. This is such a pretty colour ! Loving it ! xx


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