Saturday, 28 April 2012

My New Skin (and haircare) Wonders

I’ve had the immense pleasure of trying some of Holland & Barrett’s best selling beauty products. I know, I hear you... Holland & Barrett. BEAUTY. What now? Well, you know the old adage, beauty starts from within? We spend fortunes products that go ON our face, hair and body (often ones we wash off after a few hours) but what about the products that go INSIDE our bodies!

Have you noticed that the World has gone mad for Moroccan oil? Well Moroccan oil is basically a watered down version of Argan Oil, one of the rarest oils in the World, endemic to Morocco. The Moroccan oil that we buy is mostly silicones and fragrance, with some argan oil and linseed oil thrown in... and it’s pricey! So, why pay more for and an Argan oil by-product when you can get the real deal for less? This MiaFlora Argan Oil is 100% pure. It’s rich in fatty acids, which helps protect the skin from wrinkling because it becomes more toned. I’ve been applying it like a serum to my face and neck in the evenings for about three weeks now. My skin definitely feels softer and more moisturised. It’s rich and luxurious. It absorbs well, it’s not greasy and doesn’t just sit on the skin, it penetrates it. Not only is it great for the skin, it also works wonders on hair, repairing sun and chemical damage. Simply warm a few drops in your hands and work into parched ends... you’ve got to love a multi-tasker! Even Kylie’s a fan! In an interview with More Magazine Kylie said “I picked up some argan oil on a recent trip to Morocco... it really works”. Perhaps she uses it on her famous derriere?

Next up... Coconut Oil. It was recently given a glowing endorsement by one of the world’s most beautiful women. So it’s hardly surprising that coconut oil – the favourite beauty product of Miranda Kerr – has been flying off the shelves. Holland and Barrett’s sales shot up by 50% after the Victoria Secrets angel revealed she was a huge fan.
Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil is one of beauty’s natural must-haves. Extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts it can be drunk raw, used in cooking and baking or applied directly to the skin or hair as a moisturiser.  The oil contains fatty acids which are said to leave skin and hair smooth and shiny, and devotees have linked it with a host of other alleged health benefits, including aiding digestion and weight loss.

I apply it as a body moisturiser. It melts into the skin like butter! It's very rich and does take a little while to absorb, but it takles the dry patches on my elbows and knees like no other! It's perfect after the bath if you want a luxurious coating. I must admit, I'm having a little difficulty taking it orally. Miss Kerr claims to take around four teaspoons a day in cooking, salads and green tea. I've tried one teaspoon with lemon and hot water, which is quite tasty, although the texture's odd ... everyone knows oil and water don't mix.

I’ll keep trying, if it’s good enough for Miranda, it’s good enough for me! But use it sparingly... It has high levels of saturated fat and calories – a 15g tablespoon contains around 135.

Pure Coconut Oil £14.99 453g

And finally, the jewell in the crown Hydrolysed Collagen.

This is the one I was most excited about trying. You know how babies have the most perfectly soft, smooth, plump flesh? That's because their collagen levels are so high. As we get older our skin gets thinner and collagen levels collapse. This is definitely something I've been very aware of, particularly since my face isn't as chubby as it used to be. Fortunately you don't have to stick a needle in your face to boost the collagen in your skin.

Collagen is a complex protein which provides the major building material for growth, repair and maintenance of skin, as well as nails and hair. It can boost skin's hydration and reduce wrinkles. I've been taking these supplements for four weeks. During this time I've noticed two things 1) My complexion has never been so clear! As someone prone to spots my face has been suspiciously blemish free 2) My hair has had a major growth spirt. Whilst I can't say with 100% certainty that these supplements are solely responsible - other factors like hormones and stress levels also play their part, but good skin isn't something I'm willing to gamble on and for now I'm happy to continue taking collagen supplements. There are however two drawbacks - the caplets are like horse tablets, honestly I may choke in my conquest for better skin!

And they're expensive. 180 caplets (roughly one month's supply) of 1000mg Hydrolysed Collagen will set you back £19.35. But we'll spend £20+ on a blusher that makes us look healthy for four hours, why not invest in something that makes us actually healthier and for longer!
Check out the Holland & Barratt penny sale. If you're interested in trying any of these products, now's a good time... I'll be stocking up on collagen tablets.



  1. Such a great post! Are the collagen tablets vegetarian? x

  2. Great post! I'm such a fan of argan oil or any sor of oils for that matter! Lol I'll totes becheckingout he collagen capsules!

    Hayley xo

  3. Indeed. Coconut oil can definitely give wonders. Been using this oil for more than a year now as my natural skin moisturizer and hair conditioner and it's so effective that's why I really believe in its great benefits.

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