Thursday, 12 April 2012

I Love Boots and I LOVE 3 for 2

Firstly I must apologise to those outside of the UK who must get tired of UK beauty bloggers going on and on about Boots. I often get people messaging me asking what it is and where it is... for those that don’t know Boots is the UK’s most popular chemist, specialising in health and beauty products, emphasis on the BEAUTY! There’s one on nearly every high street in the country, so if you’re planning a trip to the UK, chances are you’ll never be too far from one! Larger stores have humongous beauty departments and there’s always a good offer, or two... hence why I never have any money!

I couldn’t resist the current promotion 3 for 2 mix and match across beauty, hair and nails, especially when I discovered it included make up brushes!

First up the much sought after Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Blush Brush £9.99. There’s been a LOT of buzz in the beauty world about this range and I’m probably the  last one to cave in. I was tempted with the four piece set that everyone seems to have snapped up, but I wasn’t convinced I’d used all of the brushes, especially that tiny concealer brush plus I already have a couple of stippling brushes. Dubbed as the perfect blush brush I was instinctively dubious about this one, but I’m happy, if not a little surprised to report that this brush is BRILLIANT. I’ve used it every day since I got it. It gives an absolutely flawless application of powder, when it claims to give HD results I’m inclined to agree. The bristles are extremely soft, evenly spaced and the head it perfectly doomed to impart powder perfectly and effortlessly. My only complaint, sorry there’s always got to be at least one, it’s a little large for a blusher brush. Personally I prefer a smaller brush blush like MAC’s 109.

Compared to MAC's 109

I like to be quite directional with blush application, plus I have a small face and for those reason think this size is better suited for face powder or bronzer. If they bring a slightly smaller version of this one, it really would be the perfect blusher brush. For now I'm using the tip for blush application or the whole brush for face powders.

Super soft bristles

Next I picked up the lesser known ECO Tools Baboo Buffing Brush £9.99 ...

I’ve seen this range in boots many times before but failed to be drawn to it, maybe it’s the branding or the misconception that being eco-friendly automatically diminish the quality – it’s not true, certainly not where this brush is concerned. I’ve wanted a flat top brush for ages! I’ve had my eye on Sigma’s flat top Kabuki brushes but postage to the UK is extortionate. The bristles are extremely soft – softer than natural hair and very heavily packed in making this brush very solid and sturdy. I’m finding it’s perfect for applying cream blush – simply dab onto the cheek until you have the perfect amount, then with small circular movements “buff” the product for flawlessly blended results. I’d imagine it would be great for the applying mineral make up too. I think both of these brushes are fantastic, especially given the price.
Completely flat top brush, great for buffing

So for my FREE item, I picked up another Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter, this time in Strawberry Shortcake £7.99.

It’s a very flattering blue based candy pink, with a slight frostiness. On the lips it reminds me a little of MAC’s Angel lipstick. It glides on easily and has a slightly milky/creamy texture that makes you want to press your lips together. It’s fairly opaque, for a lipstick/lip balm hybrid, but does have a tendency to wear off quite quickly. It’s a great daytime shade and I’m really enjoying wearing it. Read my full review of Revlon Lip butter here.

On to the hair treats...

I’m all about the volume, at least I try to be, so any product I buy has to have BIG, glam or bold in the title. For that reason I’m loving the Umberto Giannini Glam Hair range. Rock n Roll Extreme hairspray £5.61 in my new favourite, although I am fickle with hairspray, I’ve had many faves over the years. This one smells divine – the whole range does! I wouldn’t say it gives volume, but it certainly holds it. I give my hair a good shake followed by a generous spritz and voile – va va VOOM Volume. It holds brilliantly without any sticky residue yet you know it’s there... your style feels protected, unlike when I wear something like Elnett, I’m sorry but that stuff’s like fresh air!
Finally I picked up Conditioner and Mousse from my beloved John Frieda Luxurious Volume range £5.79 each. I won’t go into too much detail about this range, I love it so much it deserves its own dedicated post but I will say I’ve played the field when it comes to moose and volume friendly conditions (I have a cupboard full of unloved ones to prove it) and there’s none better than these two.  The conditioner is a hair saviour of mine – so thick, luxurious and incredibly conditioning, without being in the slightest bit heavy.
Wow, I didn’t intend on this being such a mammoth post, but 6 great products deserve a good reviewin! Let me know if you’ve picked up any great products lately.


  1. Revlon lip butters and Real Techniques brushes : winning combo ! xx

  2. Oooh I will definitely have to take advantage of this offer and pick up the Real Techniques brush. I have the Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake and I'm obsessed with it :-)

  3. great post!

    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  4. I just bought the RT powder brush and loveee it. I think if I lived in the UK I'd be at Boots everyday:)


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