Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Essie Aruba Blue

I’m sorry if my posts are a little “nail heavy” at the moment, but I’m turning into a bit of a nail junkie. I can’t tell you how much better I feel having my tips coloured in and with so many gorgeous shades on the market I can’t resist. This weeks’ nails are bright, blue, shiny and new!
Described as a frosty sapphire blue, this shade is so striking, in fact, it’s ELECTRIC! Despite being a real disco shade, it’s very wearable and didn’t look too OTT in the cold light of day. In fact the shiny, multi-tonal finish looks great in natural and artificial light. The shade is very opaque with a decent colour payoff with just one coat, although I applied a second for good measure. The only downside, the colour’s very unforgiving if you don’t have a steady hand and it’s pretty messy to get off... a small price to pay for sexy nails.
I’m becoming a big fan of Essie nails and now that they’re available from Boots for the more purse friendly price of £7.99... I’ve a feeling there will be many more to follow.


  1. Love this colour ! xx


  2. wow! that color looks amazing!! since taking off my acrylic nails I'm falling in love with polish more and every time i see a new (bright) color I want it!!

  3. This is my #1 favorite essie nailpolish. looks great on hands but 100x better on toes!!


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