Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The World's gone mad for Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters could just be the One Direction of the make up World… they caused a frenzy when released in the US last year and with huge waiting lists in the UK they look set to do the same here.
So what’s all the hype about? Revlon Lip butters are best described as a lipstick/lipbalm hybrid. They look like a lipstick but feel like a balm, and unlike previous efforts, they have amazing colour payoff.  
These little wonders carry Revlon’s (newish) trademark quilted design, which gives them a high end feel and the casing matches the colour inside – you can’t knock a bit of colour coordination.

Available in 14 shades in the UK (far less than the US!!!) from pastel peaches to bright pink and everything in between. This one’s ever so cutely named Sweet Tart, a bright, yet delicate fuchsia. It’s a great shade if you want to brighten your pout without being too in-yer-face! The pigmentation is fantastic! It’s nothing like a tinted Nivea or Vaseline and that’s what sets these bad boys aside. Each shade gives a semi-opaque to opaque coverage and lasts around 2-3 hours.

It’s surely the formula that makes these Lip Butters so popular; They’re slick and almost wet-like, so they glide on easily for even color application and feel so comfortable to wear. Glossier than a lipstick but less so than a gloss and more mositurising than anything I’ve ever tried. Packed with moisturising agents including hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter... according to tests, the formula boosts lip moisture by 156%

I had no idea I would enjoy wearing these quite as much as I do. The only problem is, one just isn’t enough!
Out now £7.99 each, right now get two for £10 at Boots


  1. Yes It's safe to say I will be purchasing these! xx

  2. the fact that they are 2 for £10 ....it would be rude not to take advantage
    Becca x


  3. I popped to Boots last night to stock up and they haven't got them in store yet :( Just online x


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