Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nails Inc Grosvenor Crescent

I've got so many nail polishes patiently waiting to be worn and not enough time to try them... a high class problem to have I know! Yet I keep buying them quicker than I can try them. This week it’s Grosvenor Crescent’s turn...

It came as part of the I Love You Colour Collection, which also includes Holland Park Road – a Warm Purple, Waterloo Place -  a Hot Pink with Shimmer and Eagle Street—a Dusky Pink, all still waiting patiently.

I chose this one first because I realised I didn’t already have a hot pink, shock horror! I wanted a colour that matched my MAC Impassioned lipstick and it comes reasonably close. It’s bright (but not neon) pink and glossy!

I have a bit of a LOVE/HATE relationship with Nails Inc. I LOVE the colours but sometimes find the formula falls short. They don’t last as long as other brands in my experience and for that reason I haven’t bought any for a while. Is it just me or have they changed something in the last year or so? This one was much better than my older Nails Inc polishes. The brush has definitely changed; it has a flatter head and seems more precise. The colour is intense and was opaque with just one coat, which I love, but I did add a second to help it last longer. I used a base case, but no top coat and it lasted three days before any chipping, did I mention I applied it in the car? Motorway manicures... don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

Now I can't wait to test the others!


  1. Beautiful colour :) xo

  2. pretty! I'm with ya girl, I have bought so many new nail polishes lately!

    1. It's like an obsession! Half the fun is in buying them x

    2. it is! yesterday I popped into Rite Aid and saw Revlon's Whimsical on sale and grabbed it! I don't think it's LE anymore-but it's on ebay for $12!


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