Friday, 30 March 2012

Benefit, They're Real... Do Believe the Hype!

I blogged about this mascara last month asking if it was "the Best Mascara ever?" I can't say there was an over whelming response but Benefit's They're Real Mascara didn't become the best-selling beauty product on the market for nothing and as a beauty blogger and mascara obsessive, how could I not buy it? Then, as if by magic, that very same week it showed up on Buyapowa  and I got it for the knock down price of £12.50... it would have been rude not to!

Down to the important stuff. Is it good? No, it's BRILLIANT! It's rare that a product does what it says on the tin, but this one does, and then some!

The special formula lengthens, thickens and curls lashes, and when I say curls, I mean CURLS! Seriously is there some perm solution in it? Because I looked like I'd used eyelash curlers. The precision brush separates lashes perfectly, giving you lashes you didn’t even know you had. It's quite similar to L'Oreal's False Lash Telescopic Mascara (review here), which I also love, but this wand isn't bendy and flexi, making it much easier to manoeuvre and the added spikes at the tip of the brush are great for teasing the roots.  The jet black, long-wearing formula doesn’t smudge or dry out and doesn't leave behind any fibre specks like some.

The result - va, va,VOOM lashes! Three people asked me if I was wearing falsies. So, is it the best mascara ever?I'm not sure, I'm still a Lancome Hypnose gal at heart and I'm currently enjoying the aforementioned L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara, that said, this one's an instant hit... let's see if it stands the test of time.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Essie Cute as a Button

Ok, so I’m picking up the pace with the nail polish backlog – it’s either that or stop buying them and that isn’t going to happen!

I ordered this online last week without actually seeing it in the flesh; Always a risk, but one that paid off because it was love at first sight – I actually shrieked when I opened the box. You see, I actually searched all last summer for a shade just like this one, which I would call the perfect bright coral. I came close with Revlon’s Tropical, but that airs more towards the orange side of coral, whereas this little gem is a pinky coral – unfortunately my camera doesn’t agree! It’s much pinker than the pictures reflect and brighter too.
Out came the sun on Sunday and out came my newest, brightest, bestest nail polish... Essie’s Cute as a Button.

Application was fairly easy, I like the brush but the formula did go a little glupey, maybe that’s down to the heat but I had to be quick to prevent it drying before I was finished perfecting my strokes. The shade is fairly opaque with a decent colour payoff with just one coat, but it look a further two coats to get an even coverage.
This is only my second Essie polish. I like the brand, I love the colours but I don’t think the formula is quite as good as OPI but I love this shade, it’s an instant hit for me and my go to nail polish for the summer!

Essie 15ml polishes retail for £9.95 in the UK. Check out the LookFantastic sale, this was £7.95, some shades have been reduced to £5.95!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Perfect Pink Glow with MAC's Dollymix

Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Of all MAC’s blushers, Dollymix has got to be the scariest! I’ve looked at it many times on MAC counters and though, “WOW that’s bright; it looks like the kind of blush the girls from Geordie Shore wear”! No offense if that’s your thing, it’s just not mine. Who wants to look like a scary clown?

However, in reality it’s actually quite sheer, the colour in the pan is not the colour you get on your face... not unless you apply it with a VERY heady hand. Yes it’s bright and very pink, but not too in-yer-face! It gives cheeks a pretty, rosy glow, with a slight sheen. I think it’s an instant face brightener and reach for it whenever I’m feeling grey, which until the summer comes around, is quite often.

It only takes one of two dabs in the pan to get a good amount of coverage, which means this blush will last a long time. I’ve had my very first MAC blusher, Dame, for 7 years and it’s still going strong. I love this blush, I only wish I'd discovered it sooner. Note to self, don't judge a blush by it's colour!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nails Inc Grosvenor Crescent

I've got so many nail polishes patiently waiting to be worn and not enough time to try them... a high class problem to have I know! Yet I keep buying them quicker than I can try them. This week it’s Grosvenor Crescent’s turn...

It came as part of the I Love You Colour Collection, which also includes Holland Park Road – a Warm Purple, Waterloo Place -  a Hot Pink with Shimmer and Eagle Street—a Dusky Pink, all still waiting patiently.

I chose this one first because I realised I didn’t already have a hot pink, shock horror! I wanted a colour that matched my MAC Impassioned lipstick and it comes reasonably close. It’s bright (but not neon) pink and glossy!

I have a bit of a LOVE/HATE relationship with Nails Inc. I LOVE the colours but sometimes find the formula falls short. They don’t last as long as other brands in my experience and for that reason I haven’t bought any for a while. Is it just me or have they changed something in the last year or so? This one was much better than my older Nails Inc polishes. The brush has definitely changed; it has a flatter head and seems more precise. The colour is intense and was opaque with just one coat, which I love, but I did add a second to help it last longer. I used a base case, but no top coat and it lasted three days before any chipping, did I mention I applied it in the car? Motorway manicures... don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

Now I can't wait to test the others!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Make up Storage Part Deux

Muji Drawers to the rescue... After experimenting with pots, holders, jars and boxes (See Make up storage part 1) I’ve finally found a solution that’s fit for purpose. I first spied this type of make up storage whilst watching my ultimate guilty pleasure ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ – the sisters all store their make up in stacked acrylic drawers, although theirs are probably custom made and certainly look bigger than these.
I’m not claiming to have discovered these little gems, Muji has been kicking around for a while but NOT UP NORTH, well not until recently! For those that aren’t familiar Muji is a Japanese company that specialise in simple household products – non branded quality goods at reasonable prices. These drawers can be used for anything – stationary, jewellery, buttons, brushes... bits and bobs! However in my eyes they were made for make up! In the UK the stackable drawers are only available in ones and twos, but I’ve seen threes and fives in the US. I started with a 2 Drawer with Flip-Top Lid...
Love heart lamp from Next and brush pot from BHS

It lasted a week! I loved them so much I had to go back for another 2. This time a regular 2 Drawer without the flip top. They stack really well but you can keep them separate if you prefer.

The two-tiered drawer looked great; It fit perfectly under the mirror on my dressing chest, four covers the mirror a little, but I can live with that! If/WHEN the stack grows I’ll have to find somewhere else to keep them.

They’re very durable, easy to clean and when filled, look tidy and stylish. My only complaint is that they’re not deeper, I had hoped to get two layers of blusher in one drawer.

Top layer filled with my favourite blushes, drawer two powders and highlighters, three is filled with lip products and four my most used palettes. Because they're clear you can easily find what you need without having to go rummaging and they can be pulled out fully...

Together with the two side drawers (deceptively big btw) and the top draw I'm all stacked, merchandised and stored.

I'm all set, for now at least!

Find out more about the Muji Drawers here

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glossybox March 2012 The HARRODS Edition

It only feels like a week since my last Glossybox arrived, oh wait it was! February’s was extremely late, but this months’ Harrods edition might just make up for it.

I was extremely excited when it arrived; I ripped the box open and was very impressed with the Harrods box and ribbon, let’s face it, most of us don’t get Harrods deliveries very often! The box contains 5 products that can be found in Harrod’s beauty department...

Fendi - Fan Di Fendi Eau De Toilette 4mls
What a refreshing change it makes to receive a decent size perfume sample AND one that doesn’t smell like old ladies, win win!
Ojon - Damage Reverse Instant restorative hair serum
Please stop sending me hair oils and hair serums. I don’t have dry, damaged hair, infact it’s the opposite! Herein lies the problem with the “random” nature of the Glossybox. That said I’m sure some people will be very happy with this luxurious hair product.
Erno Laszlo - The Hollywood collection / 5 piece cream gift set

Afraid I haven’t heard of this brand, which probably means it’s very expensive. I do feel a tad let down when I see a sachet sample, but there are five of them.

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood
Burberry... VERY excited! This soft, satin lipstick offers intense moisture and luminous long-lasting colour for fuller lips. Rosewood is a rosy-brown shade, much too dark for me – it’s very 90s, but lovely packaging and very nice to try.

Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream 30ml
You can’t go wrong with a bit of Clarins skincare.
All in all it’s a good box and a great concept pairing up with retail supremo, a formula that I hope will be replicated in the future.

I'd love to hear what you think of this months' box, what you received?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The World's gone mad for Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters could just be the One Direction of the make up World… they caused a frenzy when released in the US last year and with huge waiting lists in the UK they look set to do the same here.
So what’s all the hype about? Revlon Lip butters are best described as a lipstick/lipbalm hybrid. They look like a lipstick but feel like a balm, and unlike previous efforts, they have amazing colour payoff.  
These little wonders carry Revlon’s (newish) trademark quilted design, which gives them a high end feel and the casing matches the colour inside – you can’t knock a bit of colour coordination.

Available in 14 shades in the UK (far less than the US!!!) from pastel peaches to bright pink and everything in between. This one’s ever so cutely named Sweet Tart, a bright, yet delicate fuchsia. It’s a great shade if you want to brighten your pout without being too in-yer-face! The pigmentation is fantastic! It’s nothing like a tinted Nivea or Vaseline and that’s what sets these bad boys aside. Each shade gives a semi-opaque to opaque coverage and lasts around 2-3 hours.

It’s surely the formula that makes these Lip Butters so popular; They’re slick and almost wet-like, so they glide on easily for even color application and feel so comfortable to wear. Glossier than a lipstick but less so than a gloss and more mositurising than anything I’ve ever tried. Packed with moisturising agents including hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter... according to tests, the formula boosts lip moisture by 156%

I had no idea I would enjoy wearing these quite as much as I do. The only problem is, one just isn’t enough!
Out now £7.99 each, right now get two for £10 at Boots

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Make Up Storage Part 1!

A friend of mine asked me the other day "where do you keep it all?" and it reminded me that I've never actually showed you how I store all of my beauty treats. Now it's definitely a work in progress! I've tried many things and I'm always chopping and changing. It's difficult to find the right balance between what looks good and what's practical... and it doesn't help that I'm a neat freak! The essence of my storage is what I fondly refer to as the MAKE UP STATION!

Ikea Hemnes Chest with Mirror

Which in reality is an Ikea Dressing Table come chest of drawers. I've always had my heart set on a shabby chic dressing table but I realised I don't actually like sitting down when I apply make up - I'm too much of a busy body, always rushing around and incapable of sitting still. Plus the drawer aspect of these is really handy. When I first got the make up station I kept the top quite minimal and filled the top drawer with Make up...

BIG mistake -  the drawer buckled under the weight! Since then I've had to play with ways of keeping more up top. I've had lights on, lights off, candle holders, pots, glass canisters, recycled Glossyboxes, you name it I've tried it....

After getting bored with the mis-mash of candle holders I switched to glass canister. They allowed me to store much more "up top" but soon looked a little cluttered...

But finally I think I've found the answer... Muji acrylic storage drawers. They don't look very appealing here, but wait until you see them filled with goodies.

Wow this is turning into a mammoth post, for that reason it'll have to be a two-parter. Watch this space for more on my make up storage.
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