Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This Week's Nails... Crushed Grape from Leighton Denny

This week’s nails are my favourite kinda nails, FREE ones! Well kind of... this lovely Leighton Denny polish came free with this months Red Magazine.

This is only my second Leighton Denny, the first came in a Glossybox BUT it's Orange and I haven't tried it yet, so technically this is my first Leighton Denny experience and I’m happy to report it was a good one! Crushed Grape is best described as a sophisticated Mauve. It’s the sort of shade that looks great whatever the season. It cheered up my hands without looking over the top!
The formula is top class - smooth, creamy, easy to apply and amazingly opaque with just one coat; although I added second for added staying power. The result, a high gloss professional finish. Sounds great BUT there was a downside, it wasn’t as long lasting as say, OPI. There were chips on the tips on day two, although my nails aren’t in great condition at the moment so maybe they’re to blame. Either way since it’s a dark shade they were very noticeable.
Overall I’m very impressed with Leighton’s polishes and will happily try another, I may even channel umpa-lumpa style and give the orange one a go.

Three shades available with March's Red Magazine, 'Whatever' (a soft lilac) 'Vamp' (a dark Rouge), and 'Crushed Grape' £3.80 Available from M&S and WH SMITH


  1. Such a pretty colour, I like this kind of mauve ! xx

    clayandbeauty.blogspot.com / @ClayAndBeauty

  2. This is a lovely colour,I love your blog! x


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