Friday, 24 February 2012

Stila Convertible Colour V MAC Blushcreme

Now those that have followed me for a while will know that my all time favourite cream blush is MAC’s Blushcreme in Ladyblush, read all about it here. You’ll also know that MAC discontinued it last year, a decision I’m still reeling from... seriously what were they thinking!!!
So onwards and upwards I’ve searched for an alternative.  First stop of course was MAC’s own replacement, the Cremeblend blush, which is a completely different animal. What’s the point in bringing out a cream blush that isn’t CREAMY. In short, it’s nice and lightweight but it’s verging on a cream to powder blush. Blushcremes have, sorry HAD the WOW factor. They were thick and creamy, bright and richly pigmented. A bit sticky, a bit tacky but either way gave the face an amazing dewy glow, and boy did they last.
I won’t bore you with my ramblings but the search continued onto Nars, Maybeline, Topshop .... none came close. Just when I was about to give up hope, Stila returned to the UK’s shores. Stila Convertible Colours are the closet match I’ve found. The look, the feel, the consistency is all very similar.
So what are Stila Convertible Colours?
Basically they’re a multi-use product for lips and cheeks. They’re creamy, tacky, vibrant and generously pigmented.  Available in 9 shades, this one is Lillium, a rosey pink with peachy hint and the colour of the compact reflects the colour of the makeup inside... GENIUS.

They’re easy to apply, I tend to dab on with my fingers then blend in with a duo fibre brush such as MAC’s 188. It instantly brightens the cheeks with a subtle flush of colour; Apply with a heavy hand to intensify the effect. The result, a dewy, glossy glow that lasts all day. It mixes well with other cream products too, sometimes I mix a bit of Ladyblush to intensify the pink tinge or layer over MAC’s cream colour base in Hush.

Wearing Lillium on my cheeks and lips

Here it is compared to MAC Blushcremes in Ladyblush and Lilicent. As you can see they look very similar in daylight, but quite different under artificial lighting.

MAC Ladyblush, Stila Lillium, Mac Lilicent under artificial light

In daylight MAC Ladyblush, Stila Lillium, Mac Lilicent

Ladyblush is very pinky, Lilicent Peachy and Lillium somewhere in between with a tinge of rose.
I’m glad I’ve discovered Stila Convertible Colours, they get the thumbs up from me BUT none of the shades quite match my beloved Ladyblush and I'm beginning to think nothing will ever live up to Blushcreme.

I need to start a campaign #bringbackmacblushcremes 


  1. I have Lillium and love it, I have never tried either fomulas of the mac cream blushes, it is annoying when they discontinued products that you love. x

  2. I'm on board for your campaign! Ladyblush was one of my favorites of all time. I am on my last one and only wear it on special occasion. I purchased NYX's Tea Rose which is becoming my go-to lately. It's simply beautiful and I think has almost the same finish as the original MAC creme blushes , IMO.

  3. i just got a MAC cream blush and it's lush but I think i would've loved the old formulas which were more dewy! this one looks SO SO gorgeous! i love it *le sigh*

    p.s found you through instagram. thanks for following me :) xxx

  4. I have never tried the MAC cream blushes, but I do own the Stila Convertible Color in Lillium and I LOVE it. Most days I only use this on my lips and cheeks and I feel just as pretty as I do with more makeup on. I love the formula, the pigment, the fact that its in a compact...everything. I would be just as distraught without this blush as you are without the MAC Ladylike one.


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