Monday, 30 January 2012

Want Clean, Glowing Skin? Try this....

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml

I’ve got to say I’m a little bit in love with this product. I’ve tested it before and was really impressed, but didn’t get around to buying it. Then, as if by magic, a friend bought me one for Christmas. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and can happily say it leaves my skin GLOWING! 
In case you haven’t discovered this little wonder it’s a rich, indulgent and very creamy cleanser that claims to whisks away dead skin cells and daily grime whilst stimulating circulation, leaving your skin deeply clean, soft and radiant. It’s like a mini at home facial. The product itself is luxuriously thick and creamy, and it’s odourless. After massaging into dry skin, you run the muslin cloth (which comes with it) under hot water, wring out the excess and place over the face. It’s really nice in the bath, just lay back and let the hot muslin cloth open your pores.
Bath Time
Then use the cloth in circular motions to remove the cleanser and lightly polish the skin. Some people have complained that the cloth is a little bit scratchy, but it needs to be a little coarse to exfoliate the skin! No7 recommend finishing with a splash of cold water to close your pores and voile – glowing polished skin. Follow with some serum or night cream for added glow.

After just one use my face felt deep cleaned and glowing. For me it’s not a daily cleanser, it’s more of a two-three times a week treat, and after a couple of weeks my face looks more radiant- well at least I think it does.
Did I mention this Hot Cloth Cleanser was £10? And with the good old £5 off No7 vouchers that Boots constantly dish out, this little skincare saviour will set you back just £5.

I'd love to hear what your skincare saviours are?


  1. Such a good way to spend the vouchers ! Loved reading your thoughts on this ! xx

  2. Love this product! Since discovering this in November, I've told everyone and anyone that will listen to buy this=)

  3. After reading this post i have gone and used my No7 £5 vouchers and brought myself and my mum this product, it is now called 'Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser' - i love No7 products anyway and always use their cleanser and toner. I was also looking at my make-up brushes this morning thinking i needed some new ones so im also going to follow your lead on buying those too..


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