Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Introducing Bellapierre

Finally, an exciting new product worth shouting about!

You probably haven’t heard of BellaPierre – the American beauty band that’s become one of the fastest growing mineral make-up companies in the world. That’s because there’s currently very limited availability in the UK, but my industry spies tell me it will be popping up in Boots stores very soon!
I got my hands on this gorgeous All-in-One 6 stack shimmer collection. Basically they’re multi-purpose colour pigments. Much like MAC pigments except these ones are 100% mineral – there’s no dyes, fillers, additives or preservatives. BRILLIANT – although it takes more than a social conscience to win me over. Are they actually very good? 
I’m pleased to say they’re pretty damn fantastic. The powders are super finely milled, the colours are vivid and the shimmer is striking - they look amazing in artificial light.
This stack includes 6 colours;

Champagne, Harmony, Bronze, Celebration, Cinnabar, Noir

Champagne - Neutral shade with icy shimmer
Harmony - Rusty Brown
Bronze - Golden bronze
Celebration - Golden Copper
Cinnabar - Shimmery Red
Noir - matte black with speckles of shimmer

The colours in this collection complement each other very well and you can mix the products to make your own pigments.
As with most loose powders, they can be messy. I’d recommend applying them before your face makeup, either with your fingers or a firm headed brush like MAC 239 to help pack the pigment onto the lid. For an extra vivid colour damped the brush first, you won’t believe the results!

They last really well too – no fading, smudging or creasing!
All sounding too good to be true? Well they do lose points for packaging. Whilst the stack design is cool and crams six products into just one, it is a bit time consuming unscrewing them and peeling back the protective plastic. Then trying to “tap” out the product from its pin-hole confines is a messy game. Unlike other pigments where you screw the top off and can dip your brush or finger in, with this one you have to tip them upside down to shake the powder out, meaning you make a mess and have no control over how much product you get.

Other than that, it’s thumbs up from me. Now all I need is an occasion to sport a little sparkle.
Find out more about Belleapierre here.


  1. try removing the protective plastic completely, then when you want to use one turn it upside down/shake it before you open it so that there will be some pigment left in the lid

  2. Hi Lucy thanks for the tip. I've taken the protective films off but they're a bit messy now. Small price to pay i suppose!

  3. I love Bella Pierre, they are my favourite brand. I have been using there foundation for well over a year and just brought a few new eyeshadows and blushes. I have their eye base too, which mattifies the eyeshadows a bit. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but they used it on me in store and I thought it worked really well.


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