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Best of Beauty 2011

As we enter 2012, I’ve been looking back at my beauty highlights of the last year. 2011 was quite a revelation for my beauty regime and I discovered all wonders of new products. Here are the highlights...
HD Eye & Brow Palette
I have to start with this one. For me 2011 was all ALL ABOUT THE BROWS! It’s taken a full year but I’ve finally restored my brows to their former glory. Out with the pencil line and in with the bush! Don’t think me dramatic when I tell you this palette has changed my life! Before this I was always a pencil girl, I never expected I could achieve the same results with a powder... I was right, I’ve achieved BETTER results with this powder. The HD brow palette comes in 4 shades and contains 4 long-lasting, anti-smudge powders, this one is called Vamp.

I mainly use the taupe shade (bottom left) to fill in the gaps and exaggerate the arch. It truly earns its HD credentials, the powder transforms the look and texture of my brows and the brush is just the right size to navigate easily along the brow without going out of the lines. I could go on and on about this palette, I think it needs it’s own feature. In short it gives me full, natural and multidimensional brows. I have Glossybox for introducing this little wonder to my life and now I wouldn’t be without it!
£19.96, find out more here
OPI Nail Lacquers

For me OPI are the creme de la creme of nail polishes. I've avoided getting "hooked" for some time, at £10.50 a pop they're not cheap! but I can't resist them anymore. They're so easy to apply, especially if you're a bit messy like me and their formula's last and last. For me, their stand out shade of last year was Designer de Better, part of the Muppets Holiday range. It's a gorgeous metallic shimmery shade with tiny golden flecks making it truly multi-tonal.

Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes

If you're a regular reader of Beauty & le Chic, you won’t be surprised to see this one. There was lots of brilliant new mascaras in 2011 but this was by far my fave. This mascara has the holy grail WOW-factor. If you’re looking for drama – this one has it! It coats lashes generously, gives instant volume, separates, fans and creates the illusion of having more lashes than you do. One coating is all you need, but if you’re looking for the false lash effect, a couple more coats will do it – but be warned, mine end up poking my eye brows! I especially love the brush; it’s tapered at one end making it easy to get to the small lashes in the inner corners and separate the clusters at the outer edges. The only downside I can find, is that it’s prone to some smudging beneath the lower lash line, still, it’s firmly safe in my beauty hall of fame.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil
Body oil is a new one on me, I always thought of it as a more “mature” product. For years I’ve coped just fine with moisturiser, but Weleda’s body oil has won me over. Despite looking like a bottle of cough medicine, it’s a very luxurious product. It smells divine, at least I think so, and it’s so rich and nourishing. For me body oil isn’t an everyday product; it’s a once or twice a week treat for my dry skin. Perfect after a bath! I apply it all over my body and a little goes a long way . I received this one in July’s Glossybox (thanks again Glossybox) and there’s still a quarter of the bottle left. It’s that good I would buy it with my hard earned cash, although I will try to sniff out some discount.
Available from and Boots £19.95

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
This scrub should come with a health warning! It makes the list on its scent alone. It's like creme brulee, or sticky toffee pudding, either way you wanna eat it up. I've loved S&G's Flake Away scrub ever since I tried it three or so years ago. This new breakfast scrub is just as good, maybe better. It's crammed with organic ingredients like honey, almonds and honey, hence its name. It gives a good rough scrub and leaves skin super soft and smelling great.

£9.45 300ml from Boots

No 7 Soft & Soothed Cleanser

There's nothing particularly "special" about this cleanser, it simply does what a cleanser should and really agrees with my skin. It helps to sweep away make up and impurities and leaves my skin very soft. I use it morning and night and find it massively reduces the amount of moisturiser I need to apply, although you do need to be light handed on a morning to avoid a shiny face. When I use this cleanser it gives my skin a real radiance, if I don't use it, I really notice the difference.
£8 Boots, I stock up when there's a £5 No7 voucher, making it a great bargain buy.
Clean & Clear Daily Exfoliating Wash

2011 – a good year for brows and hair, not such a good year for my skin. For some reason I suffered with the dreaded spots. I've tried lots of solutions and found the Clean & Clear range unbeatable on results and price. Some of their spot solutions can be a little harsh, but this wash is gently enough to use everyday. It's more of a gentle polish than a scrub. It gives me a deep clean and leaves my face glowing, especially on on morning. They say you notice a difference from day one, and I did.
£3 Boots, Superdrug etc
Batiste XXL Volume

Where would I be without Batiste. As well as crossing the brow grow-back pain barrier, I also overcame my fear of not washing my hair every day. I’m currently at every other day and I’m aiming for every third day, and I couldn’t do it without dry shampoo. XXL Volume was a new product added to their line in 2011. It actually behaves quite differently to the standard dry shampoo. Don’t make the mistake I made the first time I used it by applying it all over the hair, this one is for the roots only. This is a brilliant root booster. It gives great texture to freshly washed hair or greasy hair. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than standard dry shampoo, but it lasts longer because you don’t use as much, and given how much it’s transformed my hair, it’s WORTH IT! From now-on, on the dreaded day 3, a spritz of dry shampoo and XXL volume and I’m brand new!

£3.99 200ml from chemists and supermarkets

So, that was 2011, can't wait to find out what beautiful treats 2012 has in store!

I'd love to hear what your must haves are?


  1. I love the soap and glory breakfast scrub, it smells phenomenal!

  2. great post! I'm just discovering the Lancome Hypnose mascara! I love it!!!! my other best of 2011 also has to be my Chanel PERFECTION LUMIÈRE foundation. Love. certainly lives up to it's name.


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