Thursday, 8 December 2011

Chic Bedroom Accessories

I'm a sucker for a nice pot! I'm forever buying pots, candle holders, glasses, vases... anything I can store make up and more importantly make up BRUSHES in. I get bored easily - changing my dressing table more often than I change my....

My latest purchase is this beautiful white tin pot with perforated hearts from BHS. Available in two sizes, this one cost £10. It’s a generous size and super versatile. I’ve filled it with brushes... for now at least, but would be great for jewellery, bobbles, blushers or any other bits and bobs.

Whilst I’m at it I thought I’d share some of the latest editions to my bedroom accessories.
I’ve been having difficulty applying  make up on these drab, dark mornings so I wanted a nice, yet small lamp to sit on my dressing table area... not an easy task I found. I tried TK Maxx, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and BHS, finally finding this one in Next, £25. It’s hardly the brightest, but it is the cutest. I think it has a real vintage, shabby chic appeal.

I also picked up this white lantern from ikea, only cost around £2. I call it my “wee willy winky candle”. Looks great in the dark leaving star impressions on the wall.

My final newbie is a gorgeous scented candle from Project D. I love candles, even more than pots and my room stinks of them, bloomin lovely of course! I don’t think these little gems can be bought separately, I got mine with a purchase of Project D clothing at Van Mildert.


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