Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sniffing out a bargain!

In times of austerity it’s increasingly necessary to be more savvy with our “luxuries”. Now I can’t advocate cutting back, I’VE TRIED and failed! Instead I’ve learnt to sniff out a good bargain or two, and branch out to brands and shops I’ve never tried before.
Did you know that shops like Poundland sell make up brands including Rimmel, L’oreal and Revlon for, well, a POUND! In the past I’ve picked up a Rimmel mascara and a L’oreal concealer. Stock varies and they do tend to have the last popular shades, but if you’re prepared to rummage, there’s gems to be had.
It’s not restricted to the Poundland either, I found these beauties in a shop called Discount UK. You can spot them by the packaging, normally on display in purple pouches.

I picked up...
Rimmel Multi-Tonal Blush in Summer Fever £5.19 at Boots. Three gorgeous blush shades for just £1.

Rimmel Colour Rush Quad in Modern Glam.

What a find this was, currently selling at Boots for £6.63, again just £1 at Discount UK. It’s the perfect everyday eye palette with soft, silky and lightweight shadows.

Forgive the unruly brows, I’m still in the growing out stage. Read my post about bringing back the brows.

Two NYC nail polishes, which retail for £2.59 each, just £1 for the pair. There were tons of shades to choose from, I picked up very wearable cerise pink and purple.

Individually these items would have cost £17 at regular high street stores. Guilt free shopping, I love it!

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