Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Discount MAC and other Make up Treats

If you haven’t already discovered the makeup section of Fragrance Direct, you should, and soon. In fact it’s such a little gem I’m scared to share it for fear of everything selling out.
Don’t let the name deter you, it sells so much more than fragrance. I first stumbled upon their make up when I was looking for a Revlon nail varnish that had been discontinued. Fragrance direct were selling it for just 99p! Since then I’ve been a regular customer. Recently they started stocking discounted MAC products, not I’m hooked!
I placed an order last week and this is my mini-haul.

MAC Powder Blush in Fleur Power RRP £18 FD price £9.99
This is a really pretty blush, one that I haven’t tried before. It looks very bright in the pan, but it’s a satin blush meaning it’s quite sheer. It is of course buildable. On the skin I’d describe it as a light, rosey pink. It looks very natural, has a warming effecy and leaves a nice sheen.

MAC Eyeshadow in Dazzlelight RRP £11.50 FD price £8.99

This is the perfect colour for opening up the eye. Great in the inner corners and along the brow bone. No glitter, just a lovely satin sheen.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Star RRP £6.99 FD price £1.75

A brilliant glitter top coat! Perfect teamed with Rock, a bluey purple (more purple than it looks in the pictures), which I’d purchased from fragrance direct a few months ago. I’ll put them together and share the pictures soon.

Royal Foundation Brush RRP £4.99 FD price £2.49

I’d heard that Royal brushes were good quality for the price and if this foundation brush is anything to go by, it’s true. The bristles are soft and densely packed.

The only drawback, delivery isn't free, but they charge a flat rate fee of £1.99 and they ship really fast. I'd love to hear your go-to sites for bargain beauty.

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