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Top 6 Foundations for Dry Skin and a Dewy Finish

Ok, it was 5, but I've discovered another wonder that deserves to be in this list...

I’ve had a few questions recently from people wanting to know what foundation I use and which ones are best for dewy skin. Looking for the perfect foundation is like searching for the perfect jeans… a long, pain saking and expensive experience, but when you find the right ones, it can be hugely rewarding. It’s such an important thing to get right, I know, I’ve spent years trying. I have dry skin and suffer occasional breakouts. I like a foundation that provides a light to medium coverage, with a natural dewy finish. Some people find one good foundation and stick to it, but I prefer to have a selection, you wouldn’t only have one pair of jeans would you? And with new products and technology you never know what you might be missing. Our skin is constantly changing, as do my foundations.

1.  Mac Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation £22.20

My favourite foundations change from time to time depending on the condition of my skin, the time of year etc, but this one’s been been a constant. It’s a fluid foundation that blends the natural light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals to create a smooth satin finish. Provides a low-to-medium,yet buildable coverage with a slightly luminous finish. It instantly improved my complexion; skin appears radiant, healthy, re- energized. Contains vitamins A, C and E to help nurture and condition the skin. Good for all skin types, especially normal-dry, which is why I love it. Easy to apply with fingers or brush (I prefer brush) and best finished with a dusting of Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder.

Best for: Dry Skin, great for day time

2.  Clinique Supermoisture Foundation £21

This one’s great, especially in the summer I find. The texture is thicker than Mac’s Satin finish, but the formula is light weight. It’s perfect for a dewy glow, I feel like it moisturisers my face all day, although it helps to keep a little finishing powder to hand so you don’t glow too much. Light coverage, soft and radiant looking. Apply with fingers for a more sheer finish.

Best for:  A light, dewy finish

3.  Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation £41.50

Expensive, and it knows it! Released last year it’s super creamy and luxurious, thick, yet lightweight once applied and does not set. You will get a high, yet natural coverage with a noticeable dewy glow. It’s super luxurious, but not the type I’d use daily.

Best for: Dry and older Skins

4.  Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation £23

My go to foundation when my skin’s in bad condition. It’s a creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium, to high coverage. It is fairly thick, but doesn’t look cakey and doesn’t set. It’s very hydrating, leaves skin looking soft, smooth and slightly dewy, plus a little goes a long way.

Best for: Skin that needs extra coverage, great for evening/longwear.

5.  Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid Make up £31.66

Firmly positioned in the foundation hall of fame, it’s the go to make up for many celebrities and make up artist, frequently winning best foundation accolades. It’s the nearest you’ll come to skin in a bottle, but the coverage is a little too sheer for me – perfect if you’re blessed with a clear complexion. The light texture of Vitalumiere Fluid gives a slightly satin finish for a radiant natural youthful looking makeup. On the downside, Chanels colour range is quite limited.

Best for: Light weight, natural coverage  

6. L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Foundation

My newest entry...

I'm adding L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Foundation to this list. It's been my new go-to foundation for a few months now and is very deserving of its place in MY foundation Hall of Fame. It's a real glow getter. Medium coverage, easy to apply, blends like a dream with a dewy, luminous finish. Read the full review here

Best for: Everyday glow



  1. new follower here :)
    lovely blog you have here.
    i was wondering if you have tried the Diorskin Natural Glow Hydration Foundation? and what you thought of it if you have.

  2. i think i had a sample of it once and really liked it. I'll check it out. Thank you for the follow, nice blog too x

  3. This was really helpful!
    I really want to try the Laura Mercier one but when I tried their tinted moisturiser it just didn't agree with my skin, and I wanted to love it so much! x

  4. I also just purchased the Revlon Age Defying/DNA and love the finish of it and my skin feels great!!

  5. I love this blog post! I have dry, fair skin and I've been looking for something new and better. My BB Creams just aren't giving me the kind of coverage I want for long days. I tried the Studio Scultp this past week and I have been struggling with how to apply it because everyone says you only need a "grain of rice" but when I do that it barely covers one cheek (I used a moistened sponge). Any tips?

    1. I agree that BBs just dont last through the day. Great for basic superlight coverage but not for a long hard day. Have you tried Mac Mineralizer Satin Finish? I found it easier to apply than the Studio Sculpt and quite long lasting.

    2. Hi Marina
      I used studio sculpt this morning. I find it works best applied with fingers. It helps if your hands are slightly warm, it sreads the product better. I use a duo fible brush to buff the edges, if there is any. Generally I don't need a lot of it, but more than a grain of rice :) x

  6. Hi, I read this article and went to try the MAC mineralize SPF15 satinfinish foundation, and I loved it. Finally found a color, NC25 for summer and NC20 for winter, that matches my very fair skin. Before I even had a chance to buy the product I heard it is being discontinued. Do you have any info about this? Any recommendations for a product very similar to this one, either by MAC or others? Do you know if MAC is planning om unveiling a replacement for this, because the mineralize line seems very popular, especially with the uveiling of the celestial line which has gorgeous mineralize skinfinish (highlighters basically)colors that I saw while at the counter. Thanks for your help and your spot on recommendations.

  7. I have realllly dry skin too and totally agree with the Revlon and Mac picks, try YSL touche Eclat foundation that is amazing for my dry skin xx

    1. Thanks EllieAlice, I agree. I have the YSL touche eclat foundaiton and it's very good for dry skin, but I do find it tends to go oily x

  8. Adore Mac Mineralizer! Is it really being discontinued?? I can still order it here in Japan...Anyone tried the new Clinique range? Thoughts?
    Corin in Japan

    1. I've heard rumours but nothing official. It's still for sale online and in store. Maybe stock up just in case x

  9. I read this and immediately bought the Revlon foundation! I don't normally buy on impulse but this sounded like exactly what I was looking for :) Can't wait for it to be delivered! :D

  10. Thanks for the post! I have tried so many foundations and nothing seems to help my flakey skin (winter in the Canadian Prairies is very dry!), I might go back to MAC or try the Revlon since it's half the price.

  11. Thank you for reviewing foundations for dry skin! Most foundations seem to be targeted for oily skin. I'm going to try the Revlon DNA.

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  16. You have compiled a wonderful list. I have tried out Clinique’s foundation and it really comes up to the mark however for the ageing and sagging skin non surgical facelift is the best solution.


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